Profiling Lord Jagganath

  • SK & SMK METH ACS KLANG 92-03, TAYLOR’S COLLEGE 04-05, UNIM Semenyih MECHANICAL ENG 05-08, Uni. Waikato New Zealand 09-10
  • wannabe poet….
  • wannabe rock star…
  • wannabe car designer…
  • wannabe industrial designer and architect….
  • wannabe golfer…
  • wannabe yachtsman
  • wannabe rally driver….
  • wannabe novelist
  • wannabe artist
  • wannabe bassist
  • wannabe pianist
  • wannabe photoshopper
  • wannabe mangaka
  • wannabe actor
  • am a mechanical engineer by degree
  • am pursuing a further master’s in mechanical engineering @ the University of Waikato
  • am doing online courses with through IMechE
  • want to pursue a Masters in Engineering ( International Automotive Engineering) @ Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences or in Sweden :3 even Tohoyashi or Kyushu is fine (^____^) ( Toudai is the dream though XP )
  • want to do a Master of Design @ IED Madrid in European design labs – product design or a year long course in industrial design. (this, is for fun 🙂 )
  • Aims to be good enough to be considered to work at BMW AG, FHI, Ricardo, EDAG, Ital Design, Lotus, Rolls-Royce, Bosch etc
  • Am an all-round nice guy with an acidic tongue, toned down 100x
  • Learning Ubuntu Linux (Open-source FTW!!!!)
  • Loves cars to the core ( no yank tanks here though….!!!)
  • Loves anime and manga as fanatically as cars
  • Musically am Varied, I prefer pre=90’s pop, rock disco, techno, euro beat, euro disco, anything… there are exceptions… no hip hop here
  • I am what I am and shall continue to be what I am
  • In love with my own voice … Yes, it is very arrogant of me but yes, there you have it…..
  • Has many crushes… never acted on it… hence you have the poetry log! (^-^) soon enough though… when i find “THE ONE”

One Response to “Profiling Lord Jagganath”

  1. lllredlll Says:

    “I am what i am and shall continue to be what I am”

    I like that line, full of pride.

    Thanks for the visit. I’ll link you up.

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