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Review – Edox C1 Diver – Official watch of the World Powerboat Championships- Part Er…

June 4, 2007

An overview of the design in my own words.

Chunky and robust in the spirit of countless diver’s watches. Weight is mainly configured to provide sensation underwater, without which you wouldn’t realise it is even on your wrist. (this watch has presence… lml(‘_’)lml )

Glass is extremely clear and thick enough to withstand 200m of water pressure. Production is limited, but not sure how many. Each Edox has a unique serial number, as per other Swiss watch makers. Curiously, many of Edox designs have made it through to people’s hands without them realising it. ( Alba and Seiko have models that are exact carbon copies in design of some older Edox models from the early ’80s and ’90s.)

The bezel is enameled black three-quarters round, from three o’clock clockwise to twelve. the remaining area is in orange enamel. The crown is another special thing, enameled black with the white hourglass which is a symbol of Edox.

The back of the watch is sealed securely with a stainless steel face, with the engraved words from the title of this article. there are two sets of numbers one set smaller than the other, which could mean anything either the number of watch or the batch number or the number of the series…. must find out… also engraved is the hourglass, the brand name and the logo for the Class 1 powerboat championships.

The bracelet is Teutonic in feel and build with both matte and polished surfaces. The two action clasp is also securely made to ensure it doesn’t fall off your hand, unlike other watches ( erm… mister Qriando…. are you listening ? XD )

It would suffice to say that the designer had people with Schwarzenegger biceps in mind when he/she matched the watch to the bracelet. ( many a pro diver have separate rubber straps if they desire to use the same watch all throughout the diving experience.)

Storing it in the piano black case with soft white/beige velvet will prevent it from getting unduly scratched and nicked. Just store that case away safely, that itself is too pretty to be gathering dust.

It is obvious the watch is very well built and has a sense of an alternative lifestyle, the kind you wouldn’t mind having. The possibility of this watch to be used daily, for dress functions and even during sports is extremely high and it is even expected!…. Just don’t pretend you know how to use the chronometers… XD XD

you either know it or you don’t.

Until the next desire fulfilled, Auf wiedersehn.


Review – Edox C1 Diver – Official watch of the World Powerboat Championships- Part Ein

June 3, 2007

You’d never believe what came in the mail today!!! It was an Edox C1 Diver!!! The specs are as below and photos after it.

The watch weighs nearly 300gms….. +- 50 gms more than my Motorola W220 cellphone… hefty for a watch…. justified as it’s all stainless steel.

The band of black and orange on the bezel makes for a sporty watch which is all justified, being the official watch for the FIA World Powerboat Championship…The quality is also unsurpassed in it’s build and finish.

Case All stainless steel 316 L – 45 mm – Case height: 12.5 mm – Divers bezel
Movement EDOX 701 BASED ON ETA 11 1/2 F 06.111
Dial Black/orange with luminous figures and indexes. Luminous hands.
Crystal Scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
Watchband Bracelet stainless steel 316L with folding buckle and Edox logo.
Date Yes
Characteristics Down to 200 meters/ 660 feet – Official watch of “Class one” powerboat championship.


Lusts of the Juggernaut – Zwei Serie

May 15, 2007

Yes, now we come to the second edition of the “Lusts of the Juggernaut”. As per the previous edition, this post is going to showcase, the materialistic desires of yours truly. Today we shall concentrate on gadgets and computers.

First off, the second i saw this machine, i fell in love with it,

Dell XPS M2010
Suffice to say, the Dell XPS M2010 is a beautiful computer, almost teutonic in design ( incidentally the 2010 designation refers to its screen size, 20.1 inches of pure wide optical glory.. WOOOT!!!). but in real life, RM 28k is a “little” too much to pay for a computer XD!!! so here i stand and drool when i think about its pop-up dvd-rw drive, it’s 8.1 speaker system, it’s detachable keyboard and its uber l33t 8.5kg weight! One day, be mine! (more…)