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Do my car, Pimp my ride!!!

August 20, 2007

Yes, you heard me right…. ‘cept not in the looks department…. its under the hood i am interested.

you take a basic spec e34 520 12 valver and dump the engine and gearbox.

source a M67D39 3.9 diesel v8 and quad turbo the bugger ( expect 700- 800 nm @2000rpm  and around 300bhp @ approx 4000rpm) …… source a e39 M5 six gear cog swapper and clutch to handle all that power…. ( I am not sure if its possible but hey…. if it can be done…..)

do the works with the chassis ( strengthening, foam, welds, cross braces …) the works with the braking system * the largest rotors 18 inch alloys can take……  for both front and rear…..

attempt a retro fit of a X 4wd system, abs….  relocate electrics and extra battery to the boot (to redistribute the weight as the engine is 60 kilos heavier than stock engine) while we are losing weight… might as well go for a carbon fibre bonnet painted silver

interior wise, dashboard to be dumped ( source e39 unit…..) electrics should come from an e39 too….  seats are fine… though could be wrapped in leather…. on second thought get e39 units

so what is needed … e39 from the breaker  … e65 smashed up so bad it’s mother wouldn’t want it ( but the engine intact)  category 7 wreck i believe ( good enough for salvage) and a bag of assorted parts from the M division…

Oh and 200kilo bucks would be nice too…. 😆


Congratulations, MMM!!

August 10, 2007

Congratulations goes to Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia for launching their Mitsubishi Lancer ( Galant Fortis in JDM mode)  after their World Premiers in the US!!! this shows that they are serious with their cars, after the farce that was named as the counterpart to Neutron…..

Heck I love its looks, echoing the previous gen. Galant which in turn looked like a BMW E34 for the 21st century ( high praise … cos i love the BMW E34..). The gentlemen at MMM has decided to bring the GT spec (Which is one of the higher trims) to Malaysia… Sweet… my only gripe is that it has no 4wd and has no manual box in Malaysia…. only a CVT automatic, that it self represents a detraction for a manual person…. (auto’s i don’t mind has no CVT…. do you think bmw would jump the cvt bandwagon… i hope not..)

of all its shortcomings, none is as bad as the fact that it is not similar to the Evo X….. unlike Subaru, they use totally different cars for their lancer and Evolution models respectively….. ( atleast that was the case with the Evo VIII)

This car almost made me convert to FWD…. but no. I stand by this when i say… I have fallen in love With The Triton…. you’ll find me in a white one sooner than in a red Lancer 2.0 GT.


Cars = Show down Between

June 27, 2007

 ( Taken for the period 2003 to present)

Punkt Ein :

Why BMW is Better than Mercedes Benz 

1. ALL models are rear wheel drive cars = sporty driving and good fuel consumption

2. Turbo-charging increases MPG and has a big increase in power whereas Supercharging uses up to 30% of rated power (kW) from crankshaft

3. Built quality is immaculate and of higher quality materials ( this is the reason BMW is making less money , yet they are selling more cars. )

4. Ride is generally more even and suits the spirited driver

5. Is more focused in providing quality passenger cars for the individual

Point Zwei :

Why Mercedes Benz is better than BMW 

1. Supercharging is even and provides power from low revolutions

2. Image counts, and has built a reputation over the years

3. Has a comfortable ride and has many fans of the ride

4. Technology is stable and proven

5. Diesels are efficient , drawing from its 100 odd years of producing diesel engines for commercial and private purposes

PS…. It is true that i am a BMW fan-atic, but please, do comment on the subject….

Disclaimer : All that is written represents a person’s perception and does not require solid proof..

(Just how a reporter destroyed a new Morris’ reputation in the ’70s by listening to a mechanic complain about a model that has nothing to do with the new car)

Anime Review : Lucky Star!

May 23, 2007

A manga that wasn’t meant to be, is now a full blown anime. First seen in Kadokawa’s “Comptiq” magazine, now thrills the otaku world with random references and obscure trivia. Follow Izumi Konata, the fratenal twins Hiiragi Kagami and Tsukasa, and Takara Miyuki in an ever-so nostalgic setting of high school, doing their usual nonsense.

Seven episodes in (subbed) and the show seems solid. It should last a full 24-26 episodes as with it’s similar “sister” Azumanga Daioh. Granted that much of the character silliness seems to creep out from Pani Poni Dash!, but most of the pace and timing is similar to AD, without patronising it too much. Lucky star can be said to be vying for attention with Hidamari Sketch!, another slice of life anime which is more specialised and if possible even more random.

Onwards, The “Lucky Channel” segment is at times hilarious and yet misses due to a certain “over-age” ” loli” being a total bitch for no reason…. XD… I suppose that is what makes it entertaining. 😆 This is also a factor of it being so like-able. The best part of the show is undoubtedly the ED where the girls are in a karaoke lounge, singing their hearts out, with each ED is a different song. ( Admittedly looking at a closed door throughout the entire thing is a little silly, but hey…. cost issues)

Another thing to note, the chemistry between Kagami and Konata is at times electric. I can almost feel the loathing ( albeit not as serious as the word would imply) whenever Konata underperforms, and Kagami rebukes her. Heh, never thought that these VA were damn good to convey the hidden feelings. ( Ed: You idiot, don’t read too much into it, foo’)

Over and above, Lucky Star! is an anime for anyone looking for a laugh and fun laughing at themselves at times.

PS: I found a BMW 635CSi!!!!

Bmw in Lucky Star

Hmmm….. Seems like Konata is also a car-otaku…. she is referring to the car behind her XD

Wallpaper sites, a short glimpse…

May 16, 2007

These are good links to collect desktop wallpaper, including celebrities and others. -Good Site to obtain celebrity wallpaper, at times high quality, older wallies are 800 x 600 (site has been around since Y2k or older….) – Russian site, understand jack-shite but can figure out most, has many rare wallpaper of rare cars, ultimately is fun for the enthusiast. -Cars, Girls, animals, places, you name it. its there – as you guessed it, anime wallies galore! – Picture boards, has dedicated sections to High resolution and wallpapers :WARNING: may have NSFW content, enter at own risk.

Lusts of The Juggernaut – Edition Ichiban

May 3, 2007

at this point of my life, i have come to realise that i am merely coveting without much avail. Meaning, i desire much of what i have yet to obtain. Today’s edition of “the lusts of The Juggernaut” will consist of Vehicles, a minor collection of my major obssession. It represents but a small part of my repertoire.

Coming in no particular order, first we have the Rover SD1.

This vehicle represents the end of a glorious motoring age, where the rule of Britain in the motoring world was on the wane. The SD1 to me is a remarkable vehicle, providing the right balance of sportiness, luxury and distinctiveness unlike its contemporaries. (oh and also that it was made World Car of the Year in 1977 proved its 1337-ness) Thus i crave this magnificent vehicle to be in my stable. (for illustration purposes, this car is a E-klasse /5-serie segment sized car, except is a hatchback)


June 03, 2005 = Oh My, What Joy!!

May 2, 2007

the curvature of your body,
enthralls my loins,
bringing me up,
to new heights,

running my hands,
down your curves,
caressing every part,
of your gracious torso,

your wondourous flanks,
bring joy to my soul,
in unknown ways,
never foreseen,

ah my dear Jaguar,
XJ6 series 2,
be thy name,
when will you,
be mine.


July 22, 2005 = my beautiful bmw

May 2, 2007

glinting in the moonlight,
calling to me,
like a ghost in a well,
spiritfully to drive thee,
one day it shall be,
silver phantoms,
brush past my dreams,
due to your appearance,
bid i did,
out of the love of thee,
i almost fainted,
when i got thee,
for a beautiful fee,
soon,my dear bmw,
520i e34 1989,
you will be in my grasp.

August 26, 2005= Triumph

May 2, 2007

rocket III,
beauty of the beast,
magic numbers 2 point 3,
powerful flanks,
thrill my soul,
sliding my hands,
down the seat,
leather and foam,
steel and rubber,
combine to form,
a magnificent machine,
thats what i call,