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Kisses of Stardust

February 20, 2012

My sweetest one,

Your love verily be,

stardust in moonlight,

shimmering silvers,

drops of divine,

flow from the heavens,

sweet sounds,

your voice heavenly,

Love be magical,

in this night of nights,

shower upon me,

kisses of stardust.



October 28, 2011

Once a man,
toiling away,
a simple man,
in his own way,
one could see,
when he made thee,
glistening brows,
furrowed in thought,
of machine and man,
and what could be,
a bolt tightened,
a spring sprung,
and at night,
not out of spite,
kittens snuggle,
puppies tumble,
a veritable wonderland,
mechanistic delight,
the automaton,
meant for joy,
twas right,
where it belonged.


June 21, 2011

The falling tresses,

of your jet hair,

drape over your lovely dresses,

Soft curls,

gentle swirls,

lengthy soft luxurious,

caress my face,

as I walk toward you,

coquettish smiles,

grasps at my  heart,

creating bliss,

fulfilling my wish,

you beside me,

makes me complete,

deify your mother,

for you are a gift,

from the Gods,

your sweet smile,

‘neath your soft curls,

melts the cold,

the embers of my heart,

stoked and fiery,

come into my arms,

my love,

and let us enjoy,

this bliss in curls.


June 16, 2011

As I ponder within,

she comes without,

her eyes a glitter,

a smile’s a flutter,

I break into a grin,

she makes my heart sing,

songs of glory

ever wanting,

never weary,

nearly haunting,

pure ecstasy,

fills my very being,

she is the balm,

soothes my bruised soul,

she is the one,

whom makes me feel whole,

pure ebullience,

when I am around her,

always glorious,

never despondent.

Smile ~a short one~

May 30, 2011

Once upon a day,

I look into your eyes,

Shimmer and play,

Without a disguise,

Whence this joy comes?

Bare upon my soul.

Grin for me, my sweetness,

Your glittering teeth, in the sunset,

Is this feeling but a flitting dream?

Nothing but a flight of fancy,

NAY, for my love is pure,

NAY, for my feelings ring true,

For this soul howls out for naught,

But your smile.


The Mare

February 25, 2011

She wanders to the cusp of the meadow;
Wherein the Sun and Sky mellow,
Upon the breadth of water so shallow.

The crumpling grass beneath her gets torn;
She gnaws on a wooden post that is worn,
Soon, her foal, will be born.

( in the style of Tennyson, An exercise.)

A Joyful Day!

July 3, 2010

‘Tis a joyful day, with you by my side,

when birds chirp, and bees buzz,

by a babbling brook, in the midst of woods,

never has such serenity, been such bliss,

You are radiant, my sweetest one,

glowing in the diffusion of light, emanating goodness,

beckon me to your embrace, into your warm bosom,

and guard my soul, from the depths of loneliness,

My heart brims with much gaiety, it leaps and bounds,

the very thought of you, will suffice in its appeasement,

sorrow knows me not, for i have the hope,

yearning for you, brings me much pleasure,

as it does slight pain, a dull ache in my grain,

it is not miasma, a mere wisp of fate,

uncertainty tinges, for the future’s not read,

at this very moment, I think of you,

and to the day, we be as one,

until then, I will wait,

working hard, to that joyful day.

Through The Fire and The Flames

June 23, 2010

Forgive my unseemly usage of Dragonforce’s “tour de force” song title, but it provides an apt metaphor for what is going on in this ever so wonderful life. Turmoil and turbulence will always be present in a person’s life, it is a sign of fortitude and a test of courage that gauges how that person uses these events as an opportunity to prove to one’s self that the person is capable. (yes I waffle but I am getting to the point)
This past two years have proven to be a challenge from not only without, but within as well. I have learned that I am tougher that I though I was and I truly have become more positive and happier, if only because I have chosen to be so.
The power of the human mind is such that when a notion is repeated with conviction, it manifests in reality. I do sincerely believe that, and that self doubt is possible to be overpowered by positive and self reassuring thoughts.
I am my greatest teacher and motivator and I will work on my own “tour de force” and “magnum opus” as time goes on. Watch this space.
Forge forth, Live Long and Prosper! \\//.
” We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days, Through the fire and the flames we carry on”

Hibernation activity

November 2, 2009

Hi blog readers ( if there are any), I wish to thank you for your visits and comments. I will be taking an extended break from cyberspace. This would mean me giving up on the NaNoWriMo as well. as much as this pains me, it has to be done. this also means i would be dropping everything, from webcomics, to blogs and to FB. This blog will be devoid of activity for the next 4-5 months.
Adieu until then 😀

Nature’s Gift to Man Chapter 2

October 14, 2009

We left our protagonists, in a peaceful field, with a soft breeze and the gentle beating of the immortal Sun. They were lying in the meadow, oblivious to the world. The birds chirping, and the trees swaying in the gentle breeze.Their bodies were close to each other, as they slumbered on, blissfully in a world of their own, hands clasping, on the soft grass. Whilst this scene of pure unbridled sweetness was unfolding, the skies changed rapidly, for a large rouge cloud of watervapour loomed in over the meadow, from the plainss, threatening to unleash its contents over the valley.


Light droplets of rain started to fall down, gently rolling off the brows of the two protagonists, on to the ground, nourishing it. They awoke, and hurriedly looked around for shelter. He grabbed hold of her hand, and smiled, and pulled her into the wood. He knew there was shelter there, a little hut for trampers for he was there before he met her. It would keep them dry and safe, from the elements, and the darkening skies.

Running quickly, they reached the hut in a clearing in the woods.
She stopped and held him back, hugging him.
They were embracing in the gentle rain.
Idyllic and sweet, a literal overdose of pure bliss.

When it rained down a little harder, he smiled at her, motioning towards the hut. She nodded, and they walked into the hut, away from the pouring rain.
Inside, he started a fire in the fireplace, stoking the embers to life and checked his stash of wild mushrooms and food rations in the pantry. he then sat next to her, by the fireplace.
They realised that their clothing was damp. He shyly looked away as she removed her sundress, scanning the room for his blanket. Thankfully, she was wearing a camisole and shorts underneath the sundress. He proceeded to wrap her in his blanket, removed his shirt and joined her in his blanket, his bare shoulder on hers.
In front of the fire, their clothing dries and they drift off to yet another dream.
He awoke from slumber, the blanket half way down his body. The fire had gone out, leaving glowing embers.
He gazed over to his side, where his companion was not there.
He heard a slight clamour in the pantry.
When he got there, he saw her.
She was in her dry sundress, and had a tartan apron on.
The first words he heard her say, beautifully enunciated, were like drops of heavenly manna.
” Coffee, or Tea?”
He replied,
“Cocoa, my dear.”
She smiled and handed him a hot mug of cocoa, dark as the night. She knows these things, as it is her nature to know such things.( but she cheated… she used Milo…. )

He was aware of his half-nakedness the second he took the first sip of cocoamilo.
As the warmth shot to his face, blushing his cheeks, he dashed back to the living area to put his shirt on.

For being aware of his nakedness can only mean the story has begun.