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XUBUNTU!!! Ubuntu Lite

July 15, 2007

Downloaded it. Installed it. Drew a conclusion.

Vista= overloaded xubuntu ripoff.

xubuntu does every thing a normal person would need an operating system to do, run wordprocessors, create spreadsheets, email, internet and a wine emulator to run windows games….. hardcore shoppers can get even more so with THE GIMP.

take control of your PC. go open source!


Review- BenQ FP93GW (VGA-cabled) 19″ widescreen LCD monitor

June 1, 2007


Left: My two year old rig, an Aiwa speaker and my new BenQ lcd monitor. Note the open casing and the general setup of the rig.(excuse the mess… too excited about the lcd.)

Middle: The LCD itself and its size in relation to the keyboard, only the 22″ monitors are as wide as the keyboard. (Excuse the poor shots, the digital camera is half a decade old and only can take 1 megapixel shots; the flash is permanent too…)

Right: The setup of the monitor, sandwiched in between the massive speakers, look at the smaller white ones; by comparison they are minuscule. The bottom left hand corner shows a piece of paper, under which is the main receiver and amp of the mini hifi set.

On the whole, the screen resolution is marvelous. On Ubuntu, it only can handle up to 1280×800; whereas on regular XP, the maximum of 1440×900 is obtainable, as per the monitor settings. In any case either OS gives excellent viewing on this monitor. (have not tried any games on this, but the photo viewing is a wonderful experience.)

watching movies and anime has never been more fun XD XD.

The quality of the build is on question though. the base is made solidly out of plastic without feeling cheap and the wall mounting bracket feels flimsy so I’d still purchase a proper VESA mounting. The bezel is unfortunately silver and doesn’t look nearly as stylish as a FP94GW…. a mere trifle when you consider the value in this… the same thing in Acer guise is not nearly as feature packed as this, and is nearly rm 70 more expensive.

Another feature which seems common in most new monitors is the Photo, movie and dynamic viewing functions other than standard and sRGB modes. This function allows a person to switch colour temperatures and other settings at a push of a button. Pretty handy for those people who are hardcore ‘shoppers and imaging gods. The wide expanse of the desktop gives much space to do many things at once….. (watching anime as i am typing this XD XD).

This monitor is a good purchase if one is on a budget. However, I will confirm that with you peeps in about 3-4 months time..

Until then, ciao…

Ps: may not be blogging so much after this…. heheh- kamo….

oh golly…20 inches is quite a bit..

May 29, 2007

heheh… nasty peeps out there i see…. lml(‘_’)lml

anyhoo, am now using my ancient 20″ monitor as a stop-gap measure before i obtain another…. yes….. its almost two feet diagonally!! gotta get used to this.. but therefresh rate is a mite bit too slow.. at 45Hz i can see it flicker that is the only downside in using such an enormous screen… that is also why i am typing this from about four feet from the monitor….XDXD the word are too bloody small for me to make out…… and that is because the resolution on this thing is as bad as a TV… its native reso is 800×600.. ( wonder why anyone would want such detail…)any hoo.. also am getting help from the forums, so things are not too bleak.

Also, i manage to astound myself….. gems spout out in the haziest of times….. I had commented


you are absolutely correct man…. do what you think is best…. sever ties that may in the end bog you down…. don’t let it be wax in your wings, icarus: friends are those that prop you high when you are down, picky you up when you fall down….
Always look on the bright side…. otherwise one may see the truth and lose all will to live…. that life is bleak…
(after all, life is what you make it to be)
In this world of h8 and fear, let it not be much of a veneer, keep not relationships that hurt, watch out for thine self otherwise you’d be burnt.

“Unquote… on a friends blog …… quite spiffy eh?…. I was stoning and was tired after a day’s work…. didn’t remember i even visited that page….. This advice holds true and should be honoured… it’s almost poetic… :sniff:… i thank all my friends… who have been with me through thick and thin……..Mr.Chivas and Mr. Guinness…….. XD XD

No offence guys… i am not capable of keeping a serious thread when it comes to stolid matters XD……. Smile on!!!!!

Wunderbar…. more jokes

May 28, 2007

Grand things keep happening to me, my spare monitor has gone on the fritz now… hunting around for another…

And no help is coming… on the issue of my Portable HDD not being recognized…. must try it on a different computer…. maybe tomorrow……

Mandriva will have to be installed on another Hdd ( to be bought, i hope), along with windows…. will probably do a fresh install of Feisty Fawn on the C-drive in a week or two

(then the grub wouldn’t be much of an issue would it?…)

Totall cash needed for various endeavours- 32.5kilos!!!!

NVM to all that, I wonder what other grand things are coming for me… ( Always look on the bright side of life :whistles:)

Blast! Computer problems,Again……

May 27, 2007

First my ancient Gateway 15″ monitor goes dead and now my mum’s computer’s USB ports are acting up, what am i to do?…

_m(o-O)m_  I’m hanging on the ledge here. Heck, even my portable HDD is not being recognized. ( must be a driver issue, need to take it to the forums)

Finally, My windows XP OS has decided to leave me forever, every time i try to log on with XP at the GRUB startup, the bloody thing restarts…. 😦 ….

(the OS gods are telling me to go open source… I dare not defy them… XD Your humble servant shall obey :P…) All I have to do now is attempt to back up all my stuff from C.

So the proposed solutions to my woes are as follows:

1. Obtain a new monitor, 17″ or 19″, LCD or CRT, Normal or Widescreen, (anything below rm 400 offer it to me please!!!)

2. Reinstall windows…( hell of a useful option)

3. Buy 4 port Notebook expansion card ( rm 50-80 ish?)

4. Install Mandriva to my C: partition ( nice idea)

5. Any other opinion, comments please?

Hmmph…. the ship is not leaving yet…

May 22, 2007

Ubuntu is here to stay…. Reinstalled it though, another long, long night….

Reason why i didn’t go on with Mandriva ( mandrake), is that there’s a small flaw in the software… it wouldn’t let me choose which partition to install it in….. (it is as flexible as XP is, then?!)… so, here it leaves me with no choice but to keep using Ubuntu ( reinstalled, upgraded to 7.04) and using XP to write to my SFS hdd. (even trying to update to 7.04 is difficult…. bloody windows update……slows the whole damn thing down)

Also if you ask why i did not install the damn thing onto my 2nd disk…. I tried and thus became fearful when the installer suggested I format my 2nd hdd… i mean FORMAT!!!!!

All my carefully collected archives…. NEVER!!!!

So until i get my 3rd drive… Mandriva, until i get my 3rd HDD

Ps: Read the log…. IT was the bloody os on the c partition that corrupted the Grub, causing it to access ubuntu improperly, which in turn effed up the ubuntu and automatix setup skins.

EDIT: noticed something … the processor was doing the “switch”…. the threads were taking turns processing the load…


Hola Mandriva ! Sayonara Ubuntu!

May 22, 2007

The count down to the un-installation of Ubuntu 6.10 (full) has started. It’s a highly simple system to use and is chockful of solutions for light and power users alike; if and only if they do not have a SFS formatted hard disk. that is the only detraction possibly for ubuntu, not even 7.04 has support. so hello to Mandriva Spring One 2007 ….. Updates on installations soon.

DAMN….I screwed up…

May 20, 2007

I’m  at a crossroads now…. i have no idea what to do… Ubuntu is really screwing up….( i blame Streamyx for dc’ing 3 times along the way…. screwing the downloads up… apparently automatix doesn’t take too kindly to dropped connections..)

I willl retract my statement…. now i may go for Mandriva, one or the full version…

anything to get it to read my sfs partitions..

or rather modify it…. i will not back down from Open Source…. XD

Curses…. Computer problems for a non-computer geek

May 19, 2007

Software problems are now cropping up, first windows update does its usual nonsense, next ntfs-3g does not recognize my secondary hard disk for its read/write procedure. Otherwise, everything is just peachy. the sound and video drivers are all up on my ubuntu os, most of the programs are ready ( office tools, muxing/encoding, coding, imaging, players, vmware.. etc). Yet, wine keeps crashing( found out that it doesn’t talk well in the presence of vm player, uninstalled the damn thing) and my greeter function is f&##*@##@.

Suppose i have to go get help from the forums and hope i don’t get flamed for being a n00b. It’s not that i haven’t tried the basic functions; typing “sudo” followed by the usual command was getting a little stupid since the root cannot be accessed by a ” poweruser”, or rather some of the applications got effed up.

No matter really, 7.04 is on the way ( eta 48 hours), with better ntfs-3g applications etc. So until monday night then. Oyasemi

EDIT: 11.55 pm > it seems that 6.10 cannot read SFS formatted drives ( logical NTFS) and it bloody pisses me off… but no i’ll forge forth and conquer ubuntu with my steadfastness…. i shall not back down back to windows….(as my main os)

woot!! Blogging from Ubuntu!!

May 18, 2007

Wahooo!!!! i am now blogging from linux..

no worries about virus attacks now!!! and heres a pic to prove it

Ubuntu linux roxxor

Edit: May 19th 2007 @ 6:20PM = Now here’s another shot of what it can do…

There are other options for distros such as Mandriva, Suse, Redhat, and others…

however since Ubuntu is based on Debian, a GNU/Linux Hybrid Platform, it cannot be called a linux system, though it utilises mainly unix/linux operating principals.

A full review will be coming, ( god and time willing) ASAP.

But first i must toy around with it a little more.

PS: OMG, I’m turning into a geek. ( ed: waitaminnit, aren’t I one from day one?)