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Praises to the LORD!!! (Amen!)

June 3, 2007

HARE KRSNA! (“Chant and be happy” they say, how right they are)

I have realised over the years, having an open attitude to most things bring only good. There are things that have happened to me over the few days which are positive and quite thrilling, though  they may not be exactly be what i want. As what Mick and the boys have said, ” You can’t always get what you want; but if you try,you may get what you need.” True enough, thats what has happened. I suppose it all boils down to a few crucial things; faith, hope, perseverance, and positivity.

Once you say you cannot do a task, you’d find that that task is nigh impossible to do. However by saying that you can do it,( forgive me, O’Nike) you’d find that the task is not nearly as difficult as it was. However, one must persevere!

All these philosophies intertwine and are not separate, yet they are not absolute. Funny, there are no absolutes save the fact there is none. Paradoxical innit?

So it again comes down the wire, what is it are you after? Is there a higher power? Or is it just faith?…. Whatever it be, what is your faith? There is dualism in this world, and yet it isn’t absolute…. and that is absolute.

XD XD :rotflmao:


oh golly…20 inches is quite a bit..

May 29, 2007

heheh… nasty peeps out there i see…. lml(‘_’)lml

anyhoo, am now using my ancient 20″ monitor as a stop-gap measure before i obtain another…. yes….. its almost two feet diagonally!! gotta get used to this.. but therefresh rate is a mite bit too slow.. at 45Hz i can see it flicker that is the only downside in using such an enormous screen… that is also why i am typing this from about four feet from the monitor….XDXD the word are too bloody small for me to make out…… and that is because the resolution on this thing is as bad as a TV… its native reso is 800×600.. ( wonder why anyone would want such detail…)any hoo.. also am getting help from the forums, so things are not too bleak.

Also, i manage to astound myself….. gems spout out in the haziest of times….. I had commented


you are absolutely correct man…. do what you think is best…. sever ties that may in the end bog you down…. don’t let it be wax in your wings, icarus: friends are those that prop you high when you are down, picky you up when you fall down….
Always look on the bright side…. otherwise one may see the truth and lose all will to live…. that life is bleak…
(after all, life is what you make it to be)
In this world of h8 and fear, let it not be much of a veneer, keep not relationships that hurt, watch out for thine self otherwise you’d be burnt.

“Unquote… on a friends blog …… quite spiffy eh?…. I was stoning and was tired after a day’s work…. didn’t remember i even visited that page….. This advice holds true and should be honoured… it’s almost poetic… :sniff:… i thank all my friends… who have been with me through thick and thin……..Mr.Chivas and Mr. Guinness…….. XD XD

No offence guys… i am not capable of keeping a serious thread when it comes to stolid matters XD……. Smile on!!!!!


May 5, 2007

Art thou a glimmer,

displaying the reality,

the truth without,

that of within,

boundaries we hold,

and that of our belief,

should never be told,

to be silly or weak,

faith we have,

is but a drop of ink,

into our ocean of milk,

we will it be stained,

thoroughly mixed,

and fully ingrained,

into our very souls,

we pray it be unchanged,

our faith in our beliefs,

be unshakeable,

the Lord He watches,

observes and ponders,

this world is an experiment,

a test of faith,

with every triumph,

we instil greatness,

utter power,

and vision,

of becoming,


July 02, 2005 = Prayer

May 2, 2007

Lead me,
from Darkness,
into light,
Hate into,
chaos into,
Death to,
The Being,
Being at one,
with That It Was,
That Will Be,
That Which Is,
O Lord of Light,
Be thine name,
All be One,
One be All,
Deliver us,
From all,
that Is Not,
to all,

That Is.