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Why Koharu’s Graduation is Good…

September 20, 2009

…because it means new members!! (remember 15-nin Sexy Boy 😀 ) YAY for the 9th Generation!!


She's going to go out with all guns blazing... and we will still miss you.

I have accepted that Koha may have decided to leave on short notice, and she is (probably) genuinely more interested in being a clothes horse, and possibly a soloist in the future.

Her graduation will also be my first Momosu graduation, as I became a fan only after Mikitty left.

This however, opens up a new page in Morning Musume’s long history, which is as a rule, turbulent ( though of late, during which time I became a fan, it was stable).

So, all bets are on the table., who is the next (or three) Musume? ( speculating, only from the current pool of talent, and under H!P)



Koharu Kusumi Graduates in December … T-T

September 19, 2009

Crackalicious is graduating from Morning Musume come December 6th. The miracle 7th generation member has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people, young and old alike. Au revoir luv. We shall be watching your modelling career closely.

May we see more of you everywhere…. :sob: 😥
Koharu Kusumi, Morning Musume, August 2005 – December -2009

Sources : InternationalWota , Hello! Sayunii, OnDiet’s Translations, H!O forum entry

Niijyuusan-sai desu!

September 14, 2009

Im the Juggernaut ya see

I'm the Juggernaut ya see

Hello world, this is The Juggernaut posting.
I will be turning 23 years today.
It is a milestone of sorts.
my second birthday in the land of Milk, lamb and honey.
I am having a busy and long day today.
I am in the process of convincing things to go my way.
I also promise to do great things.
Ramping up speed,
charging the good ol’ capacitors,
toroidal transformers have been primed :D, ( yes i know those are not the terms)
the gates to the largest reservoir of energy in the universe will be opened.

Look out, once I start rolling, there is no stopping!

Leviticus: The Advent of H!P in My Life

September 9, 2009

After a year of occasional Morning Musume video watching, I stumbled upon the flagship of H!P.

C-ute’s Tokkaiko Junjou.onion13

You will have no idea how much of internal conflict I had in justifying my fanboying over Suzuki Airionion13 and Maimi Yajimaonion13.

That August a year ago, I found a new obsession.

the funny thing though, I never thought the group was in anyway connected to Morning musume.

After making the BIG move, coming to a little Hamlet in Middle Earth, I was able to explore more and more.

I found my calling.


Berryz Koubou – Dakishimete Dakishimete onion13

There was no turning back.

the transformation is complete.

Obssession is there and ready for duty.

Thus begins the Saga of JJK’s Journey into H!P.

PS: will put pics to names as soon as possible.

Exodus : The Exposure of H!P

September 6, 2009

Two videos that would change the view I had on J-pop in general. It was there, in the folder.

Being the curious person that I was, I clicked the one titled ” Morning Musume- Kanashimi-Twilight”onion13

In short, the video BLEW my mind. I thought to myself:


ANIME EYES.onion13









Short Shorts.onion13

Short Ties.

That, though, wasn’t sufficient to send me over the chasm to H!P.

I opened the second video.

This time it was “Morning Musume- Do It Now!”.



Black costumes.

Cute voices.

Devious looks.onion13



flowing down neck.onion13


Bleached hair.

Horrendous red dresses.


Again, it didn’t send me over to H!P wholesale.

What did the two videos do? They piqued my interest in such things.

I started to listen to more J-pop ( which wasn’t connected to anime).

I appreciated the names and personalities.

I found out that Yoshizawa Hitomi was the one who enthralled me.

It doesn’t help that I happen to be a naturally obsessive person.

But it didn’t happen, my OCD was asleep that day.

It did put a seed in the playground of my mind though.

Yet the explosion would only take place MUCH MUCH later, almost 2 years from that fateful day.


September 4, 2009

Yes… this rant is very late. Inexplicably so.

It is because I only became a rabid fanboy in the past 4 months.

Prior to that, I was content getting bits and pieces of whatever was available ( without searching too hard).

Now, after browsing around, ALMOST going to the “Dark” side, I am convinced that Tsunku has been blind OR is being led around on a leash by UFA. I am inclined to think the former when I see these two AKB48ers.

OR it could be something else altogether, I will elaborate soon.



Now, Kashiwagi Yuki ( Can make LongCat ashamed at being “long”; on the Top) is LEADER of Team B and Sato Sumire (at the bottom) just joined team B, from being a “research” member….

So… who shall we call out for being an arse….?


Because these two lovelies FAILED the audition for the 8th Generation of Morning Musume!!!

:O .

.. And even if they failed to get in…. Why didn’t they become Eggs as Kikkawa Yuu did? O.o …

Right, it is granted that Sumire may have a strange strange look in her eyes…. but what is their excuse for Yukirin?

( I am judging them PURELY on their looks, because we all know in both groups they have talents who lack talent in the vocal chords)

I am now convinced that both Akimoto and Tsunku are in cahoots. They probably own stock in each others holding companies, and probably even other things.

I am convinced the following happened :-

(Yukirin walks into the 8th audition room, looking all confident, and performs )

-from behind the mirrored glass- AKiP and TsunP are having Strawberry Daiquiris and Mint Mojitos…

AkiP : Dude, She’s hot…. I want her for my project…. (~_~)

TsunP : Dude, yeah, I know, I will put her in a section where I know she can grow. So nope, she is not gonna be in your project. (^-^)

AkiP: So… you putting her in Momosu?(~_ @)

TsunP: Nah, man… I am gonna put her in H!P Eggs, where she will be trained along others (who don’t make it through to the final stage) (

AkiP: Whoa there…. There is no way you can do that…. tell you what mate, fail her….

TsunP: Eh? (O.0)

AkiP: Yep, Fail her, and I will put her in my project.

TsunP: No way, man, she is mine!

AkiP: o rly? (^_~)

TsunP: YA RLY!

AkiP: You will get 60% profit from all the shows we do and singles release, aye? Naturally you will have to dumb down your flagship in order to access that money, and i have a plan to get that numbers…. Imma gonna increase my girls to number 48. (*-*)

TsunP: NO WAI!! ($-$) 48 girls are a lot!

AkiP: O Yeah!! ( ^_~) imagine the fun mate ….

TsunP: It is a deal then!( &-&)  hmm, let’s see; Add this random kid… err Mitsui was it? Kick Yoshizawa out of Momosu, induce Fujimoto to quit…. and I will add a couple of randoms from the China auditions…. and I expect big money from your project soon….

AkiP: Most certainly, man. Cheers to you, Mon Ami 😀


Thus proving that AkiP is a devious fellow. and Tsunku is an Arse.

DISCLAIMER: I do not pretend to have intimate knowledge with the workings of either Akimoto’s or Tsunku’s psycho-makeup. I am merely ranting. cheers!

EDIT: … I Am worried now… will my dreams of being in the H!P selection board be compromised?  “someone” has visited my blog and landed on a “unknown landing page” what does that mean? hmmmmmm

The Japanese Visitor

Genesis : The start of my H!P fandom…

September 4, 2009

H!PJJK chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy night, not a soul stirred as I walked into the house from the rain, bent over, sheltering a bag containing a precious item. An 80GB hard disk, written with rows upon rows of 0s and 1s that I have never seen before.

I ran up to my room, in anticipation, for i had just obtained some new anime song music videos, from a good mate. Little did I know, in that same folder, among the Hinoi Team and Rei Fu PVs, two PVs from Morning Musume had slipped in. This was the beginning of this beginning.

Firing up the PC took a little longer than usual, but that was probably me, being in a sensory-heightened state,which was probably due to anticipation of Hinoi Team XD .

Plugged the usb cable in, ran a virus check, I did all the things i was supposed to do. WHile the Virus scan was running, I looked around my room. My copy drawing of Tsukamoto Yakumo seemed to look exceptionally dismayed and downcrest that dark night. I gazed into those mournful strokes of the pencil, when the usual bleat of the virus scan reaching completion broke my stupor.

I double clicked the file manager, entered the folder.

Then I saw it.

To be continued….

Apologies from The Juggernaut

September 1, 2009

~ for i have sinned, by not posting on this blog for close to 3 weeks. My muse, she left me. ( she does that quite often) ( and i hope it is temporary)

and then… a new arrival threw a spanner in the blogworks… I got a 1999 Subaru Legacy GT-VDC with 18ok Kilos on the clock… in white … which is bloody hard to keep clean. needless to say, the car has taken up much of my free time. so expect posts to come sporadically.



Oh well, at least one thing is for sure… my life is becoming busier now, ramping up production speed, reading a lot more and compiling as the deadline looms closer….

I will finish what i have started well!


The Juggernaut

Sonne- Most wanted dream ever

August 6, 2009

Ich hatte eine ziemlich merkwürdige Traum letzte Nacht. Ich habe geträumt, ich war flott, in der Luft in Richtung Norden nach Westen.

Ich einen Fleck von Grundstücken in der Mitte des Ozeans, und ruhte auf sie.

Ich genoss die Wärme der Einsamkeit und der Sonne schlagen Sie auf mich,

und dann aus der Luft, eine Fee Person erschienen …

Ich sage Fee “Person”, weil dieser Fee sah ziemlich androgyn …

lockt zu mir, um sie an der Hand,

iheld es, und dann die Szene völlig verändert,

Ich war im “Himmel”, der Himmel der japanischen!

The Haven i kann!

Und dann habe ich blutigen erwachte!

oh well … ich habe, um den Traum Wirklichkeit werden einige, wie …

, bis der Traum wahr, Adieu aus dem Träume Abschnitt.

dort fand ich das Mädchen, war die Sonne meines Lebens. Die schönsten für Meilen!
(excuse my bad bad “Deutsch” … I am just testing the Umlauts etc etc functions out)

Ocha Nomumasu

August 6, 2009

Ah tea, the best beverage in the world!

there are many benefits of drinking tea! and i shall not elaborate.

Many colours it comes in. Green, red, brown, yellow..

Teas are the best the earth can give us.

from the hills of Nilgiri to the valleys of Camerons,

from the heights of Assam to the mountains of  China,

The beauty of tea can be found almost anywhere,

forget your sorrows with a cup of strong bitter tea,

for let it be cleansed and detoxified,

from the toll of the harsh day.

Ocha nomumasu!