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June 21, 2011

The falling tresses,

of your jet hair,

drape over your lovely dresses,

Soft curls,

gentle swirls,

lengthy soft luxurious,

caress my face,

as I walk toward you,

coquettish smiles,

grasps at my  heart,

creating bliss,

fulfilling my wish,

you beside me,

makes me complete,

deify your mother,

for you are a gift,

from the Gods,

your sweet smile,

‘neath your soft curls,

melts the cold,

the embers of my heart,

stoked and fiery,

come into my arms,

my love,

and let us enjoy,

this bliss in curls.



June 16, 2011

As I ponder within,

she comes without,

her eyes a glitter,

a smile’s a flutter,

I break into a grin,

she makes my heart sing,

songs of glory

ever wanting,

never weary,

nearly haunting,

pure ecstasy,

fills my very being,

she is the balm,

soothes my bruised soul,

she is the one,

whom makes me feel whole,

pure ebullience,

when I am around her,

always glorious,

never despondent.

The Mene

June 8, 2011

Twas a time,

of a certain grime,

encrusting the clime,

bereft of lime,

hear the chime,

of moving mime,

companions nine,

marched in a line,

once upon a tine,

It adds to the pine,

but they be kine,

affixed on mine,

climb up the vine,

grasping a bine,

stopping to dine,

on food quite fine,

in an angular sine,

The Mene,

they keep inline.


May 30, 2011

My dear diary,

why must it be dreary,

this life that we live,

I have so much to give,

as my soul weeps,

tears slowly seep,

wetting my cheek,

in a dove’s beak,

My dear confidant,

leave me not in despair,

I have all the confidence,

that I shall get out of this lair.

Smile ~a short one~

May 30, 2011

Once upon a day,

I look into your eyes,

Shimmer and play,

Without a disguise,

Whence this joy comes?

Bare upon my soul.

Grin for me, my sweetness,

Your glittering teeth, in the sunset,

Is this feeling but a flitting dream?

Nothing but a flight of fancy,

NAY, for my love is pure,

NAY, for my feelings ring true,

For this soul howls out for naught,

But your smile.


The Mare

February 25, 2011

She wanders to the cusp of the meadow;
Wherein the Sun and Sky mellow,
Upon the breadth of water so shallow.

The crumpling grass beneath her gets torn;
She gnaws on a wooden post that is worn,
Soon, her foal, will be born.

( in the style of Tennyson, An exercise.)

A Joyful Day!

July 3, 2010

‘Tis a joyful day, with you by my side,

when birds chirp, and bees buzz,

by a babbling brook, in the midst of woods,

never has such serenity, been such bliss,

You are radiant, my sweetest one,

glowing in the diffusion of light, emanating goodness,

beckon me to your embrace, into your warm bosom,

and guard my soul, from the depths of loneliness,

My heart brims with much gaiety, it leaps and bounds,

the very thought of you, will suffice in its appeasement,

sorrow knows me not, for i have the hope,

yearning for you, brings me much pleasure,

as it does slight pain, a dull ache in my grain,

it is not miasma, a mere wisp of fate,

uncertainty tinges, for the future’s not read,

at this very moment, I think of you,

and to the day, we be as one,

until then, I will wait,

working hard, to that joyful day.

Hello 2010 and Winter & Spring Anime for 2010

April 11, 2010

Greetings dear reader, welcome to the first (technical) 2010 post of The Juggernaut’s Poetry Log – where everything in my life is poetry.

First off, I would take this opportunity to point out my Twitter feed on the right hand column of the blog. various insights and at times fanboyisms will come flowing through that portal.

Next, I’d like to point out that I have decided to separate my musings into Hello! Project idols and JPop as well as KPop off to separate blogs – The Random H!P Blog and JPopVsKPop, in order to deconstruct them in an orderly manner. As they are both works in progress, I will soon enlist contributors for the blogs. This would ensure that the anime and miscellaneous side of my personage would remain distinct from those two more organised ones, if only to keep the tone of those posts professional and technical.

Now on to the “meat” of the post, which is nothing really 😀 it is merely me ripping “chartfag“s charts and circling those series I intend to watch. And at this point :gasp: i may even further elucidate on the virtues of a select few series, after i have watched it all in one go of course.

First off, winter 2010, a time of ok series.

Durarara, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Hanamaru Youchien, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Hidamari Sketch :star x 3:, Omamori Himari, Chu-bra! and Kaito Reinya are the “main series” to watch with miscelleanous OVAs. Winter 2010 was a lean period for my tastes, with 8 series that pique my interests, lean times. out of the lot, I would probably think of doing a deconstruct on Hanamaru Youchien and Baka to Test, as these two series have been acquired and marathon watched already.

Now, on to Spring 2010, which seems to have more promise.

I think I’d let the reader decide what is great :D. Heroman was a surprise insert, if only because it is a Stan Lee vehicle and a Bones project. Angel Beats, though uncircled, could prove to be a surprise 14th series to watch, if my twitter comrades say nice things about it :D. (that is the case with Baka to Test, it almost became a non watch, as Hanamaru Youchien, instead it became the more enjoyable series.)

Alright then, the watching may not commence soon, as i start “work” for my uni tomorrow. So, things may become a lot more sporadic that is already has been.However, when my muse returns, the poetry, manga musing and fanboying over favourite idols will be posted now and then here and there in the other two blogs.

until the next post!

Good day, dear reader!

Kappa Queen, and The Toothy Princess

October 21, 2009

My Water Imp.

She gambols around,
in shallow water,
and smiled her wonky grin,
her eyes glisten,
in the glittering day,
‘neath the tree,
by the creek,
she splashed water,
at me and our place,
she looked beautiful,
in her green bathing suit,
creamy complected,
dark hair in pigtails,
never thought,
i’d even dream of this moment,
my sweet water imp,
frolicked along the creek,
without a care in the world,
just the thought,
of Her and me.

To my Toothy Princess biggrin.gif
my grinning princess
teeth like pearls,
gleam in twilight,
straight flowing hair,
like the black veil of night,
drops of perspiration,
glisten in the moonlight,
as you dance with your all,
each move, filled with vigour,
inspire me to do the same,
like a sacred ritual,
we dance in rings,
in the forest clearing,
the bliss we feel,
will last forever,
you laugh rings clear,
in the crisp evening air,
echo throughout the forest,
i crowned your hair,
with a clover circlet,
my lady luck,
you have given me,
reason to be grateful,
for my worldly existence.


September 24, 2009

your beautiful, beaming smile,
lights up my darkest day,
your sweet fine pixie face,
brings warmth to the recesses,
of the deepest depths,
of my dark soul,

Have I been struck, with a strange affliction?
is it what the ancients called, a love addiction,
a craving so intense, so right and so true,
that your soul screams out for more,
your compassion, magnanimity and authority,
makes me wonder,
why was i asunder,

before i found you,
i was oh so blue ,
I needed a glue,
which entailed a clue,
I want to imbue,
my precious thoughts of you,
upon everyone,
even to my unborn son,
even when i am gone,
tales will be told of you,
prepared i am,
sure , I am,
undoubtedly I am,
in love with you,
your grace of movement,
your sophistry of speech,
your clarity of thought,
your intensity of passion,
all those endear me to you,

your drive for success,
is making my head a mess,
Now I need to address,
this growing abcess,
of need in my heart,
for I have naught but a cart,
to sweep up all my parts,
that have been rendered apart,
by your sweet smile,
as serene as the river Nile,
so without any rile,
i shall commit to thee my life`.