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Nature’s Gift to Man – Part 1

September 18, 2009

This is a Fanfiction work by The Juggernaut – first published in H!O .
Whimsical Princes <3
Winter has just ended. Spring is here.
The trees are full of life, the daffodils have cycled, the cherry blossoms have bloomed.
The lake is teeming with fish and waterfowl, chicks abound.
amidst this serene scene, there lay a singular figure, strewn by the bank of the lake.
He contemplates life as he looks to the sky, watching the ever-changing wisps of clouds in the otherwise clear sky.
He closes his eyes, drinking in the sights, sounds and scents.

He drifts off to a light sleep, flitting between dreams and emptiness.

:chirping sounds, a rustle of leaves, sounds of grass being trod on:

A shadow hovers over his face, blocking the sun’s rays on his face.
After the initial blackness, he took in the face that was above his.
Her eyes like ebony danced over his features as he sought to comprehend the beauty that has above him.
Her smile shone like a thousand suns,
Her gleaming ivory teeth contrasted with her olive complexion framed with auburn hair, which hung down over him, for she was bent over overhead.
He sat up abruptly when he recognised her, barely brushing his nose over her bare shoulder.
She smiled serenely at him, grabbed his arms and pulled him up across the meadow adjoining the lake.

He was too surprised to react, he let her lead him on.
It was only then he glanced down her white sundress to her toned and muscled thighs.
Gasping at its magnificence, wrenching his head up.
he could have gazed at those glorious thighs all day long, but he didn’t want to be rude.

He knew his adventure, with that frivolous, energetic girl, had only just begun.



Joyful Sustenance

September 11, 2009

the multitude of thoughts,
that arise from the sight of thee,
makes me be elated,
the gaze of,
your clear and earnest eyes,
pierce through my soul,
your beauty is beyond compare,
a distillation of the ages,
glowing in the daylight,
like a muse from nature,
enthuse me with your grace,
charm and humility,
for you are my being of adoration,
clear cut and true,
a reason for living.
and thus of joyful sustenance.

ManoErina Bombshell :D

Pictoral Bliss – JB edition

August 17, 2009

Suzuki Airi Crocodile Dundee

Mano Erina

Yajima Maimi

Shimizu Saki

The Bunny with a Snake’s Tongue

July 29, 2009

Michishige_Sayumi_65 4

Some gentlemen will love her to do so…. I believe so…

May Michishige Sayumi appear in more shows… 😀 so she can show off her wit, intelligence and sense of humour!

Mano Erina …. H!P’s sweetest soloist….

July 1, 2009

I don’t understand all this hate for Mano Erina.

She is a Pianist, ( that is a plus one in my books)

She sings cute and sweet songs, ( another plus)

she has a cute and quirky personality, ( hhoho Meccha PLUS!)

she has a nice voice… ( PLUS!)

it helps that she is cute… ( Moot point here,  99 percent of H!P artistes are Meccha Cute)


Tell me again, is she too boring for you?


Is she too “SAFE”?


Is She too clean cut and “Honour” Student-like for your tastes?


Sorry to Rain on your parade, but the truth is….


All you haters are just jealous…… SHE IS AWESOMENESS!!!

When she teams up with Kitahara Sayaka, and Kikkawa Yuu…. EPIC Stories will be told!!!

(BTW, Tsunku, If you do team them up, I expect some compensation and a free reign to design Sayaka’s costume….)

Alo-Hello! – Berryz Kobo Part 4!

July 1, 2009

And off we go, part 4 and scene 4!!! PicSPAM 219 Pictures… Warning- DON’T LOAD UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR COMP TO DIE


Wicked sick British flag……

December 28, 2007


pretty awesome innit? gonna have it on my mini once i get it…

Quoted for truth! and Loldog

December 15, 2007

Check this out

i has a hotdog! � loldog, lol dog, and funny dog pictures
moar cute puppy pictures

Love them Malty-cute looks

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Sinfest Sunday!

December 9, 2007

I personally find Ishida’s works extremely thought provoking, though at a glance it seems trivial. The relationship of man and the elements are shown, along with many philosophies and thoughts. These ideas are presented in an expressive manner without judgment. Though it was probably conceived as joke material/foil, it can become a basis for theological discussion without invloving the more sensitive parts.

All rights reserved. Tatsuya Ishida. 2007. I am in no way affiliated or connected to the comic, merely a fan.


December 8, 2007

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures
funny pictures
moar funny pictures
funny pictures
moar funny pictures