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May 20 2005 = First 3 Poems done ( late bloomer, I am)

May 2, 2007

my best four poems


Glimpses of paradise

The first time

it was a shock

at how an angel

like thee

could be on earth

But then

it hit me

God made women

in Her image

Consequent glimpses

made me feel

paradise on earth

Also made me think

“am i a stalker?”

Nay I am not

a hound on the hunt

merely a worshipper

of God’s own creation

Many a day has passed

since i saw you

my heart still flutters

whenever i get a scent of you

Your eyes astound me

with their intensity

a strange connection

i feel heavenly

Smouldering gazes

come your way

from me to you

in the most unlikely way

My patience rewarded

when you turn to me

yet i turn away

fearing any scenes

My patronage

may be unsettling

neither amusing

nor pleasing

But I plead to thee

let not this be

a hindrance to your life

as i mean no harm at all

Thy beauty is far more

than Liz Taylor or Pussy Galore

the kind that is perfect

in every way

What’s more

than beauty and grace

thine sweet demeanour

belies the absobloodylutely gorgeous exterior

Since i have said my piece

do feel at ease

since it’s genuine admiration

for thine self only.



June 02, 2005 = Wannabe Cassanova

May 2, 2007

The moonlight so bright, glimmers in twilight,

glancing off, your sweet brow,

creamy delight, framed by your mane,

of luxuriant, glossy black hair,

tender eyes looking my way, contemplating,

things, i may never know,

the truth is, as much as i long,

to be with you, remaining far,

i am unworthy, of such beauty,

of both mannerisms, and superficially,

as much as i adore, those lips in the twilight,

glistening with promise, gleaming in the night,

thinking what words, would spout,

clear and true, thro’ the parting of,

your graceful lips, serenading me,

my darling Juliet, to me a Romeo,

but you remain a dream, mere thoughts in my head

making this true, be my wish fulfilled,

but for now i’d leave, my words on the cliff,

as i have not the Juliet, i can sing to.

June 03, 2005 = Oh My, What Joy!!

May 2, 2007

the curvature of your body,
enthralls my loins,
bringing me up,
to new heights,

running my hands,
down your curves,
caressing every part,
of your gracious torso,

your wondourous flanks,
bring joy to my soul,
in unknown ways,
never foreseen,

ah my dear Jaguar,
XJ6 series 2,
be thy name,
when will you,
be mine.


June 08, 2005 = Joy

May 2, 2007

listening to your heart beat, feeling your pulse,

make me feel, immensely tense,

what am i to do, i have found you,

rising in the sun, with all your glory,

you, love, bring meaning to my life,

this life, of drudgery, of darkness,

with which all, come light,

so bright, so powerful,

your gaze, burns a phase,

of metaphysical likeness, never before seen,

feeling this way, i think,

has brought me, joy.

June 23, 2005 = Alive

May 2, 2007

the brilliance of your eyes,
eclipses many a star,
the tenderness of your lips,
inspires prose,
what am i to do,
without you,
as my muse,
my hearts,
deepest desires,
have i waited,
persevered and,
had abated,
my urge to be with you,
but its not meant to be,
we are worlds apart,
you and i,
like mars and venus,
arwen to my aragorn,
but i fret not,
my dear,
your memories,
to keep me,

June 13, 2005 = Brand New

May 2, 2007

waking up in your arms,
looking into those sweet eyes,
tender and calm,
comforting all the time,
the warmth of your touch,
fill my senses,
the gentle touch,
of your soft hands,
bring me joy,
beyond words,
truly feline,
are your movements,
the beast in me,
i tell my self,
is being alive,
with the one,
i truly love,
not a swinging,
nope, tis’ not for me,
i am a one-woman man,
only you,
can make me,

June 16, 2005 = Greatness

May 2, 2007

opening your eyes,
to a new day,
see the sun,
in the sky,
with all its glory,
as if it,
never shone before,
it is as if,
its the first time,
you get up,
breathe in,
cool morning air,
dew form,
under leaves,
birds and bees,
chirp and buzz,
never a care,
but their task,
steadily filling,
the morn,
this is,
the meaning of life,
the greatness of it,
being able to cherish,
all that is,
all that isn’t,
all that will be,
greatness comes,

June 25, 2005 = Contentment

May 2, 2007

weight of thought,
thinking of one,
singular part,
of you,
your eyes,
with promise,
with dreams,
make them true,
your countenance pleads,
thus i shall,
as i only want,
the best,
for you,

June 29, 2005 = Gomenasai, if i have hurt you….

May 2, 2007

Standing here,
by your side,
so near,
yet so far,
i yearn for thee,
yet i’m afraid for thee,
taking my feelings,
as it is as you have seen,
unsure i am,
to tell you that i,
absolutely adore you,
in a manner not at all,
your friendship,
is my greatest,
saying those special words,
might destroy,
what we have,
what we built,
what we could have,
but if i do not,
would i be glad,
if the feeling’s mutual,
will there be regret,
as at the last moment,
the words are finally said,
there is a loss,
of time and space,
what am i to do,
this game for two,
is yet to start,
yet already at the,

July 01, 2005 = shades of brown

May 2, 2007

hazel, auburn, and oak,
these are the colour of irises,
but your’s my dear,
are more maple,
exotic and astounding,
colours of maroon and auburn,
to make your eyes,
oh glorious eyes,
the brown shades,
glorify your face,
your countenance,
full of grace,
i feel,
loads of affection,
i yearn to be,
your addiction,
my devotion,
only for you,
as i look into,
your tender eyes,
i see our lives,
i see our times,
while away,
with your head,
on my lap,
and at times,
my head on your bosom,
locked in embrace,
safe and warm,
shades of brown.