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Hello 2010 and Winter & Spring Anime for 2010

April 11, 2010

Greetings dear reader, welcome to the first (technical) 2010 post of The Juggernaut’s Poetry Log – where everything in my life is poetry.

First off, I would take this opportunity to point out my Twitter feed on the right hand column of the blog. various insights and at times fanboyisms will come flowing through that portal.

Next, I’d like to point out that I have decided to separate my musings into Hello! Project idols and JPop as well as KPop off to separate blogs – The Random H!P Blog and JPopVsKPop, in order to deconstruct them in an orderly manner. As they are both works in progress, I will soon enlist contributors for the blogs. This would ensure that the anime and miscellaneous side of my personage would remain distinct from those two more organised ones, if only to keep the tone of those posts professional and technical.

Now on to the “meat” of the post, which is nothing really 😀 it is merely me ripping “chartfag“s charts and circling those series I intend to watch. And at this point :gasp: i may even further elucidate on the virtues of a select few series, after i have watched it all in one go of course.

First off, winter 2010, a time of ok series.

Durarara, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Hanamaru Youchien, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Hidamari Sketch :star x 3:, Omamori Himari, Chu-bra! and Kaito Reinya are the “main series” to watch with miscelleanous OVAs. Winter 2010 was a lean period for my tastes, with 8 series that pique my interests, lean times. out of the lot, I would probably think of doing a deconstruct on Hanamaru Youchien and Baka to Test, as these two series have been acquired and marathon watched already.

Now, on to Spring 2010, which seems to have more promise.

I think I’d let the reader decide what is great :D. Heroman was a surprise insert, if only because it is a Stan Lee vehicle and a Bones project. Angel Beats, though uncircled, could prove to be a surprise 14th series to watch, if my twitter comrades say nice things about it :D. (that is the case with Baka to Test, it almost became a non watch, as Hanamaru Youchien, instead it became the more enjoyable series.)

Alright then, the watching may not commence soon, as i start “work” for my uni tomorrow. So, things may become a lot more sporadic that is already has been.However, when my muse returns, the poetry, manga musing and fanboying over favourite idols will be posted now and then here and there in the other two blogs.

until the next post!

Good day, dear reader!



July 9, 2009

Tomorrow’s Chance (Hate her hair here though )

Paradise Lost OST…

:sobs in the corner….:

Why do i do this to myself…. ? .. I need a life… and a job…. and a new computer….and more inspiration for my masters….

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan 1-8 – a rant

December 14, 2007

Why did they have to do that to Kamina!!!!!!!?!?!??!?

He was a man’s man ….. so they killed him off arrrggggggghhhhhhh


(but i suppose the show can have only one hero….. baka Simon….)

Gadzooks! Mind meltin’ Techno….

August 29, 2007

Yes folks, techno is in the vogue….. in fact, not.

The days of Techno floorfillas are long over but live on in various clubs in variations of House, remixes and samples in popular tracks…. The nineties, people, can be laid to rest in a shallow grave, for it died a difficult death.

There are those, such as I, attempt to keep it alive. But to no avail, I find my self listening to more disco remixes and J-pop from mainstream anime soundtracks. Techn, though held sacred, is very much repetitive yet at the same time, quite invigorating.

So here i end my post, to a salut to Moby’s fledgling days (early 90’s) as i listen to Robert Miles’ “children” and say hello to the world of trance .

PS:. The above post is Unreal and non-truthful, the animal Known as “Techno” is not extinct and is kept as a pet by many people.

Do my car, Pimp my ride!!!

August 20, 2007

Yes, you heard me right…. ‘cept not in the looks department…. its under the hood i am interested.

you take a basic spec e34 520 12 valver and dump the engine and gearbox.

source a M67D39 3.9 diesel v8 and quad turbo the bugger ( expect 700- 800 nm @2000rpm  and around 300bhp @ approx 4000rpm) …… source a e39 M5 six gear cog swapper and clutch to handle all that power…. ( I am not sure if its possible but hey…. if it can be done…..)

do the works with the chassis ( strengthening, foam, welds, cross braces …) the works with the braking system * the largest rotors 18 inch alloys can take……  for both front and rear…..

attempt a retro fit of a X 4wd system, abs….  relocate electrics and extra battery to the boot (to redistribute the weight as the engine is 60 kilos heavier than stock engine) while we are losing weight… might as well go for a carbon fibre bonnet painted silver

interior wise, dashboard to be dumped ( source e39 unit…..) electrics should come from an e39 too….  seats are fine… though could be wrapped in leather…. on second thought get e39 units

so what is needed … e39 from the breaker  … e65 smashed up so bad it’s mother wouldn’t want it ( but the engine intact)  category 7 wreck i believe ( good enough for salvage) and a bag of assorted parts from the M division…

Oh and 200kilo bucks would be nice too…. 😆

Roboto-san, Domo Arigato

July 31, 2007

There are those who are BAY-ing for Michael Bay’s blood. The Live action movie of Transformers has me caught in a fix… cursing volkswagen for not allowing their cars to be in such a movie and at the same time cursing the scripters for not adding enough back story………

well, here goes, TF is a mega hit. I just want to go out and grab all the vehicle based bots…. naturally it will be the closer to car based models…… the rest i consider over-glorified Gundams… I mean, who wants a planet eating orb?… ( In primus i trust, unicron is not appearing soon… i hope)

the movie too makes me want to just go out and start writing my head off. write about the science fiction genre i am so much in love with… I hopeit becomes a reality soon…

Sigh, I Really Dunno *Shrugs*

June 27, 2007

You see, one might be happy and / or sad when people call him / her nicknames. Thanks to you, I got “little boy”, thanks to Kwang I got “small boy”, thanks to Ee Yin I got “Small Little Kid”, thanks to Pris I got “Little Alex / Little boy” =_=|||

I got worse stuffs but I just thank god that it doens’t sound bad at all, you know why?? I pawn j00 all muhahahahah xD

SLK (Benz xD) / LB(lay bitches xD) / LA(lord of avernus xD) / SK(sand king / skel King xD) just pawned *To Whom It May Concern* for extra 999999999999 reputation!

O h d a m n – BRB.


Ps: .. .he is simply brilliant….

Music: Gunther and The Sunshine Girls

June 12, 2007

A group headed by a chap who runs a night club…… (nice) …parodies the Eurodance Genre with nonsensical lyrics and scantily clad girls. Not to mention those aviator sunglasses and the mullet…..( MAD!) oh did i mention the mustache… absurd…..( as if he was in a bad 70’s German porno…. I still likey….)

SO to sum up this inane post…. this music is best danced to in a heavily remixed form in most rave and techno parties.

Ps:… I still like the ridiculousness of the premise that he is some sort of sex god, with nymph(o)s surrounding him…… XD XD … Watch the videos on youtube!!!

Anime Review : Witchblade (first half)

May 30, 2007

Witchblade halfway point… a review up to ep 12

If anyone who is a fan, has read the original topcow witchblade, the comic…… you are forgiven for calling this “adaptation” sacrilege….
This japanese anime adaptation of the hit comic/tv series has made waves in every way, from the directorship to the story right up to the choice of seiyuu for the main character….
For me at least it has satisfied all my needs in anime; that is : pretty colours, beautiful girls and cutesy voices. Noto Mamiko provides a husky voice, albeit a little on the off-pitch side ( don’t get me wrong, she happens to be one of my favourite VAs, ALSO because of Tsukamoto Yakumo!!!)
Bonus for the gore fans, there is a slight amount of cel-shaded and CG gore here, especially when Masane does her usual stuff in a transformed mode… ( wicked sick)
Those who degrade this series do not know what they are looking at and should read a little deeper into the main storyline…. how Utopian a city had become … how NSFW became a corporation….. how technology corrupts people…
ethics and humanity seem to have become a thing of the past ( half a dozen years to be exact)
her transformation scene is certainly painful, with the voice being stupid(what happened to the Yamibou voice?…. arrgghh Lesbian lust cannot be duplicated for pain eh?)
Nevertheless much of the storyline is faithful to the original cause ie the witchblade appearing…. here the two factions fighting for it are more civil…..(in a manner) many double entendres ensue and poof! you have this anime…
hope to watch the rest as soon as i purchase the next in the series…

Anime Review : Lucky Star!

May 23, 2007

A manga that wasn’t meant to be, is now a full blown anime. First seen in Kadokawa’s “Comptiq” magazine, now thrills the otaku world with random references and obscure trivia. Follow Izumi Konata, the fratenal twins Hiiragi Kagami and Tsukasa, and Takara Miyuki in an ever-so nostalgic setting of high school, doing their usual nonsense.

Seven episodes in (subbed) and the show seems solid. It should last a full 24-26 episodes as with it’s similar “sister” Azumanga Daioh. Granted that much of the character silliness seems to creep out from Pani Poni Dash!, but most of the pace and timing is similar to AD, without patronising it too much. Lucky star can be said to be vying for attention with Hidamari Sketch!, another slice of life anime which is more specialised and if possible even more random.

Onwards, The “Lucky Channel” segment is at times hilarious and yet misses due to a certain “over-age” ” loli” being a total bitch for no reason…. XD… I suppose that is what makes it entertaining. 😆 This is also a factor of it being so like-able. The best part of the show is undoubtedly the ED where the girls are in a karaoke lounge, singing their hearts out, with each ED is a different song. ( Admittedly looking at a closed door throughout the entire thing is a little silly, but hey…. cost issues)

Another thing to note, the chemistry between Kagami and Konata is at times electric. I can almost feel the loathing ( albeit not as serious as the word would imply) whenever Konata underperforms, and Kagami rebukes her. Heh, never thought that these VA were damn good to convey the hidden feelings. ( Ed: You idiot, don’t read too much into it, foo’)

Over and above, Lucky Star! is an anime for anyone looking for a laugh and fun laughing at themselves at times.

PS: I found a BMW 635CSi!!!!

Bmw in Lucky Star

Hmmm….. Seems like Konata is also a car-otaku…. she is referring to the car behind her XD