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Kappa Queen, and The Toothy Princess

October 21, 2009

My Water Imp.

She gambols around,
in shallow water,
and smiled her wonky grin,
her eyes glisten,
in the glittering day,
‘neath the tree,
by the creek,
she splashed water,
at me and our place,
she looked beautiful,
in her green bathing suit,
creamy complected,
dark hair in pigtails,
never thought,
i’d even dream of this moment,
my sweet water imp,
frolicked along the creek,
without a care in the world,
just the thought,
of Her and me.

To my Toothy Princess biggrin.gif
my grinning princess
teeth like pearls,
gleam in twilight,
straight flowing hair,
like the black veil of night,
drops of perspiration,
glisten in the moonlight,
as you dance with your all,
each move, filled with vigour,
inspire me to do the same,
like a sacred ritual,
we dance in rings,
in the forest clearing,
the bliss we feel,
will last forever,
you laugh rings clear,
in the crisp evening air,
echo throughout the forest,
i crowned your hair,
with a clover circlet,
my lady luck,
you have given me,
reason to be grateful,
for my worldly existence.

Nature’s Gift to Man Chapter 2

October 14, 2009

We left our protagonists, in a peaceful field, with a soft breeze and the gentle beating of the immortal Sun. They were lying in the meadow, oblivious to the world. The birds chirping, and the trees swaying in the gentle breeze.Their bodies were close to each other, as they slumbered on, blissfully in a world of their own, hands clasping, on the soft grass. Whilst this scene of pure unbridled sweetness was unfolding, the skies changed rapidly, for a large rouge cloud of watervapour loomed in over the meadow, from the plainss, threatening to unleash its contents over the valley.


Light droplets of rain started to fall down, gently rolling off the brows of the two protagonists, on to the ground, nourishing it. They awoke, and hurriedly looked around for shelter. He grabbed hold of her hand, and smiled, and pulled her into the wood. He knew there was shelter there, a little hut for trampers for he was there before he met her. It would keep them dry and safe, from the elements, and the darkening skies.

Running quickly, they reached the hut in a clearing in the woods.
She stopped and held him back, hugging him.
They were embracing in the gentle rain.
Idyllic and sweet, a literal overdose of pure bliss.

When it rained down a little harder, he smiled at her, motioning towards the hut. She nodded, and they walked into the hut, away from the pouring rain.
Inside, he started a fire in the fireplace, stoking the embers to life and checked his stash of wild mushrooms and food rations in the pantry. he then sat next to her, by the fireplace.
They realised that their clothing was damp. He shyly looked away as she removed her sundress, scanning the room for his blanket. Thankfully, she was wearing a camisole and shorts underneath the sundress. He proceeded to wrap her in his blanket, removed his shirt and joined her in his blanket, his bare shoulder on hers.
In front of the fire, their clothing dries and they drift off to yet another dream.
He awoke from slumber, the blanket half way down his body. The fire had gone out, leaving glowing embers.
He gazed over to his side, where his companion was not there.
He heard a slight clamour in the pantry.
When he got there, he saw her.
She was in her dry sundress, and had a tartan apron on.
The first words he heard her say, beautifully enunciated, were like drops of heavenly manna.
” Coffee, or Tea?”
He replied,
“Cocoa, my dear.”
She smiled and handed him a hot mug of cocoa, dark as the night. She knows these things, as it is her nature to know such things.( but she cheated… she used Milo…. )

He was aware of his half-nakedness the second he took the first sip of cocoamilo.
As the warmth shot to his face, blushing his cheeks, he dashed back to the living area to put his shirt on.

For being aware of his nakedness can only mean the story has begun.

The Autumn’s Flight

September 21, 2009

Autumn leaves,
fall on earth,
scented breeze,
life in dearth,

nature prepares,
for long rest,
we shall despair,
pray for best,

come December,
the end it is,
we shall remember,
all that is,

your smile,
your grin,
your poses,
your demeanour,
your crazyness,
your statelyness,
your beauty,

they will endure,
as nature has,
your time with us,
well, has come to end,

Autumn’s flight,
into the night,
will always be,
engraved in me.

Why Koharu’s Graduation is Good…

September 20, 2009

…because it means new members!! (remember 15-nin Sexy Boy 😀 ) YAY for the 9th Generation!!


She's going to go out with all guns blazing... and we will still miss you.

I have accepted that Koha may have decided to leave on short notice, and she is (probably) genuinely more interested in being a clothes horse, and possibly a soloist in the future.

Her graduation will also be my first Momosu graduation, as I became a fan only after Mikitty left.

This however, opens up a new page in Morning Musume’s long history, which is as a rule, turbulent ( though of late, during which time I became a fan, it was stable).

So, all bets are on the table., who is the next (or three) Musume? ( speculating, only from the current pool of talent, and under H!P)


Koharu Kusumi Graduates in December … T-T

September 19, 2009

Crackalicious is graduating from Morning Musume come December 6th. The miracle 7th generation member has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people, young and old alike. Au revoir luv. We shall be watching your modelling career closely.

May we see more of you everywhere…. :sob: 😥
Koharu Kusumi, Morning Musume, August 2005 – December -2009

Sources : InternationalWota , Hello! Sayunii, OnDiet’s Translations, H!O forum entry

Nature’s Gift to Man – Part 1

September 18, 2009

This is a Fanfiction work by The Juggernaut – first published in H!O .
Whimsical Princes <3
Winter has just ended. Spring is here.
The trees are full of life, the daffodils have cycled, the cherry blossoms have bloomed.
The lake is teeming with fish and waterfowl, chicks abound.
amidst this serene scene, there lay a singular figure, strewn by the bank of the lake.
He contemplates life as he looks to the sky, watching the ever-changing wisps of clouds in the otherwise clear sky.
He closes his eyes, drinking in the sights, sounds and scents.

He drifts off to a light sleep, flitting between dreams and emptiness.

:chirping sounds, a rustle of leaves, sounds of grass being trod on:

A shadow hovers over his face, blocking the sun’s rays on his face.
After the initial blackness, he took in the face that was above his.
Her eyes like ebony danced over his features as he sought to comprehend the beauty that has above him.
Her smile shone like a thousand suns,
Her gleaming ivory teeth contrasted with her olive complexion framed with auburn hair, which hung down over him, for she was bent over overhead.
He sat up abruptly when he recognised her, barely brushing his nose over her bare shoulder.
She smiled serenely at him, grabbed his arms and pulled him up across the meadow adjoining the lake.

He was too surprised to react, he let her lead him on.
It was only then he glanced down her white sundress to her toned and muscled thighs.
Gasping at its magnificence, wrenching his head up.
he could have gazed at those glorious thighs all day long, but he didn’t want to be rude.

He knew his adventure, with that frivolous, energetic girl, had only just begun.


Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess Lyrics

September 17, 2009

気まぐれ美人はどこかのお姫 朝からなんだかイライラしてるじゃん【高橋】
Whimsical beauties are in some respects princesses. since morning they are irritated

Because she can’t meet the prince in the castle, and even if she does, she won’t be able to do anything

Her lonely heart will be healed with a sweet ice-cream today, and be deceived with a sweet/romantic movie tomorrow

And another lonely Monday morning comes

Like the beautiful fluttering of a butterfly, the sexy princess’ bum has that charm

良いじゃない チョイエロ笑顔【高橋】
Nice, isn’t it? a little erotic smile

Selfishly her nice lips completely reveal the seductive sexy princess

良いじゃない濡れてるみたい 気まぐれプリンセス【高橋】
Looking like they are nicely getting wet, whimsical princess

気まぐれ美人は悩めてお姫 夜中になったらシクシクしてるじゃん【亀井】
Whimsical beauties are troubled princesses, when night comes they weep with a dull pain

ロミオがいた頃毎日楽しい 片想いだってすべてはバラ色【道重】
When romeo was with her everyday was enjoyable, even though it was an unrequited love I saw the world through rose coloured glasses

The cold-hearted maiden bought some stuff in the internet today, even though she isn’t having a date, she bought clothes for it

And then, the detailed bills arrive

Like the beautiful and bright stars, the sexy princess’ bosom has that charm

Nice, isn’t it? little erotic tears

The sexy princess with her nice fingertips which selfishly get entangled wherever they want (That is the literal translation, but, in the idol-meaning would be about holding hands)

良いじゃない攻めてるみたい 気まぐれプリンセス【亀井】
Looking like they attacking nicely, whimsical princess

美しく羽ばたきな蝶のように その魅力のお尻はセクシープリンセス【高橋】
Like the beautiful fluttering of a butterfly, the sexy princess’ bum has that charm

Nice, isn’t it? a little erotic smile,

Like the beautiful and bright stars, the sexy princess’ bosom has that charm

Nice, isn’t it? little erotic tears,

The sexy princess with her nice fingertips which selfishly get entangled wherever they want

良いじゃない攻めてるみたい 気まぐれプリンセス【高橋】
Looking like they attacking nicely, whimsical princess

Will be adding romanised parts later…

(with credit to OnDiet , H!O and 2Ch)

Joyful Sustenance

September 11, 2009

the multitude of thoughts,
that arise from the sight of thee,
makes me be elated,
the gaze of,
your clear and earnest eyes,
pierce through my soul,
your beauty is beyond compare,
a distillation of the ages,
glowing in the daylight,
like a muse from nature,
enthuse me with your grace,
charm and humility,
for you are my being of adoration,
clear cut and true,
a reason for living.
and thus of joyful sustenance.

ManoErina Bombshell :D

Leviticus: The Advent of H!P in My Life

September 9, 2009

After a year of occasional Morning Musume video watching, I stumbled upon the flagship of H!P.

C-ute’s Tokkaiko Junjou.onion13

You will have no idea how much of internal conflict I had in justifying my fanboying over Suzuki Airionion13 and Maimi Yajimaonion13.

That August a year ago, I found a new obsession.

the funny thing though, I never thought the group was in anyway connected to Morning musume.

After making the BIG move, coming to a little Hamlet in Middle Earth, I was able to explore more and more.

I found my calling.


Berryz Koubou – Dakishimete Dakishimete onion13

There was no turning back.

the transformation is complete.

Obssession is there and ready for duty.

Thus begins the Saga of JJK’s Journey into H!P.

PS: will put pics to names as soon as possible.

Exodus : The Exposure of H!P

September 6, 2009

Two videos that would change the view I had on J-pop in general. It was there, in the folder.

Being the curious person that I was, I clicked the one titled ” Morning Musume- Kanashimi-Twilight”onion13

In short, the video BLEW my mind. I thought to myself:


ANIME EYES.onion13









Short Shorts.onion13

Short Ties.

That, though, wasn’t sufficient to send me over the chasm to H!P.

I opened the second video.

This time it was “Morning Musume- Do It Now!”.



Black costumes.

Cute voices.

Devious looks.onion13



flowing down neck.onion13


Bleached hair.

Horrendous red dresses.


Again, it didn’t send me over to H!P wholesale.

What did the two videos do? They piqued my interest in such things.

I started to listen to more J-pop ( which wasn’t connected to anime).

I appreciated the names and personalities.

I found out that Yoshizawa Hitomi was the one who enthralled me.

It doesn’t help that I happen to be a naturally obsessive person.

But it didn’t happen, my OCD was asleep that day.

It did put a seed in the playground of my mind though.

Yet the explosion would only take place MUCH MUCH later, almost 2 years from that fateful day.