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Greetings from the land UNDER Down Under…

December 12, 2008

First of all, I apologise for abandoning thePlog for a short while (almost 3 months eh?). RL had caught up with me, OZ was a “meh” experience, and the fact that my whole family has migrated to NZ to a little BIG town called Hamilton has resulted in this gross neglect of an otherwise enjoyable pastime of mine.

Now… RL caught up in the sense that I had started packing for the NZ move. Dust was everywhere, tables flat packed, cupboards emptied… there was a lot of work done in that tiny 20×90 double storey terrace house, as we eventually filled a 20ft container with ALL our worldly possessions. What we left out was the washing machine and the kitchen sink, as they were of no use in our new home. Container was sent off in three months ( long period, but it was broken by my 1 and a half month sojourn to my new home in NZ) and then I did a couple more things in Msia (both official and unofficial 🙂  )and then returning to NZ on the 19th of Nov. the following weeks were full of activity as I had relatives coming in one after the other … ( same as in Klang!) visiting and entertaining… hell that was fun! As the container (arrived AKL port 30th Nov) was bloody late due to the stupid strike in Auckland, we couldn’t do anything other than clean up and run around to the biosecurity offices, customs and the freighters to ensure everything went smoothly. The container arrived on the 10th, which so happened to be my parents silver anniversary of the marriage, so unpacking the container was like unwrapping a 8 tonne present from Malaysia. The main highlight was the leather settee set bought brand new, being my father’s gift. The leather settee was bought based on a single seater we sighted at the factory showroom, and was valued by a neighbour (who was a furniture dealer) to be around 8kNZ$…. good to know that all the money spent on the couch as well as the container shipping fees can be recouped by selling the couch!

Most of the goods are still in the garage, yet to be unboxed and dank, smelling  of bromide gas, remnants of the fumigation process required by NZ Biosecurity for ALL products brought in, to prevent any “hitch hikers” (Remember the Black Plague anyone?)

I had immediately unboxed and put my rig together…. and then fired her up… to no avail. My 3yr old rig refuses to fire up, and upon closer inspection, there was corrosion around the capacitors on board the mobo.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I cannot say what could have happened, but I would volunteer that it could be the fact that bad weather could have caused it.. extreeme cold? bah…

so I would prolly have to use this even older lappie (5yrs old) to do stuff…. urgh…. I need a job now….

ah decisions… car or computer or 52″ LCD home theatre system…. what to do now…. argh….kuso

SO, thus I’ll bid you, my dear reader, (yes I know you are the only one) goodbye until I have the urge to share my portmanteau of emotions. Or same time next week.

also… this laptops lcd screen is giving problems…. bagh screwed up colours and shit……


Roboto-san, Domo Arigato

July 31, 2007

There are those who are BAY-ing for Michael Bay’s blood. The Live action movie of Transformers has me caught in a fix… cursing volkswagen for not allowing their cars to be in such a movie and at the same time cursing the scripters for not adding enough back story………

well, here goes, TF is a mega hit. I just want to go out and grab all the vehicle based bots…. naturally it will be the closer to car based models…… the rest i consider over-glorified Gundams… I mean, who wants a planet eating orb?… ( In primus i trust, unicron is not appearing soon… i hope)

the movie too makes me want to just go out and start writing my head off. write about the science fiction genre i am so much in love with… I hopeit becomes a reality soon…

Lala-land: An Update

June 21, 2007

G’day mates~ this is a holler from Lala-land

Monitor = Going strong , not being used much :sniff: as I am working… and at night i continue working…. (i have no life)

Anime and Manga = stop@$!#% is not working properly, cutting me halfway, and the others…… suffice to say….. if it were my old gateway… fist through glass…..

Open source = unable to find a bulk downloader for torrents…. also, tweaked the settings a little and am now encoding as well as listening to music….. ( doing this too) PC health :- RAM utilised ~ 400megs and page file ~ 200megs ; CPU usage ~40%

HiFi = clear as always…. polished and scrubbed the inputs and found the signal to be clearer…( in the case of ’70s mp3s….. cracklier….) still unable to handle metal riffs and hiphop booms

Watch = Rigours of daily life is starting to show…. on the weaket part = the metal clasp, has minute scratches and what not…… however, as in the diving forums, it is to be expected and therefore their rationale is, why store such a practical timepiece….. it’s like storing away a IWC big pilots watch….

Pictures = Cuteoverload, and seem to satiate my needs for moe nowadays….. as wakachan is frowned upon in my workplace….. kurushidesu….

Language = Picking up German and Japanese, and I intend to take my “effective” mother tongue to new heights of perfection.

Girls= is it so wrong to be obsessed with something that SEEMS impossible….. I tell you my “brotzhar” nuffink is impossible… XD XD

What comes, will come, What is, will be, What will, I will it be ~ Lord Jagganath

Obituary – Aiwa Mini HiFi circa 1994 and circa 1979

June 5, 2007

This review is only in place to illustrate the disappointment I feel in the demise of quality Aiwa products ( and of the brand too)

To sum up the criticisms, the 1979 version is far superior in sound compared to the 1994 model. (Not going to name the models, as it is generally found to be true for all models)

The treble and bass in the ’79 is more balanced as they used higher quality capacitors and fluids that can be found in higher-end chip driven amps like the Meridien and JBL systems today. The ’94 on the other hand has geared for the mass consumer market, sourcing parts from lower-end companies…..

Admittedly, the ’79 cannot handle deep bass and higher treble accents, it tends to get rough around the edges in those regions. Neither can the ’94. though the ’94 has a further downside, the all in one enclosure makes for a poor airflow system. This makes it pretty hot.

SO, finally we come to the end of this rant. I am not impressed by Sony’s decision which was merely to bump their profits up for F2002. So may the Aiwa brand rest in peace.

Review – Edox C1 Diver – Official watch of the World Powerboat Championships- Part Er…

June 4, 2007

An overview of the design in my own words.

Chunky and robust in the spirit of countless diver’s watches. Weight is mainly configured to provide sensation underwater, without which you wouldn’t realise it is even on your wrist. (this watch has presence… lml(‘_’)lml )

Glass is extremely clear and thick enough to withstand 200m of water pressure. Production is limited, but not sure how many. Each Edox has a unique serial number, as per other Swiss watch makers. Curiously, many of Edox designs have made it through to people’s hands without them realising it. ( Alba and Seiko have models that are exact carbon copies in design of some older Edox models from the early ’80s and ’90s.)

The bezel is enameled black three-quarters round, from three o’clock clockwise to twelve. the remaining area is in orange enamel. The crown is another special thing, enameled black with the white hourglass which is a symbol of Edox.

The back of the watch is sealed securely with a stainless steel face, with the engraved words from the title of this article. there are two sets of numbers one set smaller than the other, which could mean anything either the number of watch or the batch number or the number of the series…. must find out… also engraved is the hourglass, the brand name and the logo for the Class 1 powerboat championships.

The bracelet is Teutonic in feel and build with both matte and polished surfaces. The two action clasp is also securely made to ensure it doesn’t fall off your hand, unlike other watches ( erm… mister Qriando…. are you listening ? XD )

It would suffice to say that the designer had people with Schwarzenegger biceps in mind when he/she matched the watch to the bracelet. ( many a pro diver have separate rubber straps if they desire to use the same watch all throughout the diving experience.)

Storing it in the piano black case with soft white/beige velvet will prevent it from getting unduly scratched and nicked. Just store that case away safely, that itself is too pretty to be gathering dust.

It is obvious the watch is very well built and has a sense of an alternative lifestyle, the kind you wouldn’t mind having. The possibility of this watch to be used daily, for dress functions and even during sports is extremely high and it is even expected!…. Just don’t pretend you know how to use the chronometers… XD XD

you either know it or you don’t.

Until the next desire fulfilled, Auf wiedersehn.

Preview—Long (infinite) term Review : Benq FP93GW 19″ widescreen LCD monitor

May 30, 2007

Screen Size : 19″
Resolution : 1440 x 900(WXGA+)
Pixel Pitch : 0.2835 mm
Brightness : 300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio : 700:1
Response Time : 5ms ( starcraft 2…. i am ready..)
Display Area : 408.2 x 255.1 (mm)
Display Colors :16.2 million
Viewing Angle :160/160(CR>=10)
Input Signals : D-Sub/DVI
Horizontal Frequency: 31 – 83
Vertical Frequency : 56 – 76
Video Bandwidth : 25 – 135
Color Temperature : Reddish/Normal/Bluish + user mode
Power Consumption : 45W (max)
Power Supply :Built-in
Speakers Silver-Black / Black ( err mine came without…)
Features Senseye+Photo TechnologyVesa Wall Mounting (100 x 100 mm)
Kensington Lock
Adjustments tilt-5/20
Dimensions 514 x 422 x 156 mm
Weight 4.4 kg
Color VGA cable

Currently will be using the VGA cable, as it did not come with a DVI cable ( Kiam Siap buggers….) A few month’s down the road… I’ll purchase a DVI cable… And give you another review…

Bought it for RM599 ( i still feel cheated… dunno why.. you cannot win them all i suppose.)

(but then again when you factor in the fact that the Dell widescreen comes with a DVI cable…. and is only RM639… GAHHHHHHHHH… NVM…… now i know why……) It’s ok… It’s about time i dispel most of my prejudices against taiwanese goods… (Acer,  Benq, Asus etc…)

oh golly…20 inches is quite a bit..

May 29, 2007

heheh… nasty peeps out there i see…. lml(‘_’)lml

anyhoo, am now using my ancient 20″ monitor as a stop-gap measure before i obtain another…. yes….. its almost two feet diagonally!! gotta get used to this.. but therefresh rate is a mite bit too slow.. at 45Hz i can see it flicker that is the only downside in using such an enormous screen… that is also why i am typing this from about four feet from the monitor….XDXD the word are too bloody small for me to make out…… and that is because the resolution on this thing is as bad as a TV… its native reso is 800×600.. ( wonder why anyone would want such detail…)any hoo.. also am getting help from the forums, so things are not too bleak.

Also, i manage to astound myself….. gems spout out in the haziest of times….. I had commented


you are absolutely correct man…. do what you think is best…. sever ties that may in the end bog you down…. don’t let it be wax in your wings, icarus: friends are those that prop you high when you are down, picky you up when you fall down….
Always look on the bright side…. otherwise one may see the truth and lose all will to live…. that life is bleak…
(after all, life is what you make it to be)
In this world of h8 and fear, let it not be much of a veneer, keep not relationships that hurt, watch out for thine self otherwise you’d be burnt.

“Unquote… on a friends blog …… quite spiffy eh?…. I was stoning and was tired after a day’s work…. didn’t remember i even visited that page….. This advice holds true and should be honoured… it’s almost poetic… :sniff:… i thank all my friends… who have been with me through thick and thin……..Mr.Chivas and Mr. Guinness…….. XD XD

No offence guys… i am not capable of keeping a serious thread when it comes to stolid matters XD……. Smile on!!!!!

Wunderbar…. more jokes

May 28, 2007

Grand things keep happening to me, my spare monitor has gone on the fritz now… hunting around for another…

And no help is coming… on the issue of my Portable HDD not being recognized…. must try it on a different computer…. maybe tomorrow……

Mandriva will have to be installed on another Hdd ( to be bought, i hope), along with windows…. will probably do a fresh install of Feisty Fawn on the C-drive in a week or two

(then the grub wouldn’t be much of an issue would it?…)

Totall cash needed for various endeavours- 32.5kilos!!!!

NVM to all that, I wonder what other grand things are coming for me… ( Always look on the bright side of life :whistles:)

Blast! Computer problems,Again……

May 27, 2007

First my ancient Gateway 15″ monitor goes dead and now my mum’s computer’s USB ports are acting up, what am i to do?…

_m(o-O)m_  I’m hanging on the ledge here. Heck, even my portable HDD is not being recognized. ( must be a driver issue, need to take it to the forums)

Finally, My windows XP OS has decided to leave me forever, every time i try to log on with XP at the GRUB startup, the bloody thing restarts…. 😦 ….

(the OS gods are telling me to go open source… I dare not defy them… XD Your humble servant shall obey :P…) All I have to do now is attempt to back up all my stuff from C.

So the proposed solutions to my woes are as follows:

1. Obtain a new monitor, 17″ or 19″, LCD or CRT, Normal or Widescreen, (anything below rm 400 offer it to me please!!!)

2. Reinstall windows…( hell of a useful option)

3. Buy 4 port Notebook expansion card ( rm 50-80 ish?)

4. Install Mandriva to my C: partition ( nice idea)

5. Any other opinion, comments please?

Lusts of the Juggernaut – Tres Type

May 25, 2007

Yo! ‘Tis time for the third time, the Lusts of the Juggernaut is back with a back to basics approach. It’s all about the miscellaneous implements one would want in life.

Firstly, clothing is something one must have; it must be snazzy and comfortable. No different, I am; when it comes to being “vain” ( to a certain degree XD) I would say i rank quite high on the sin listings. (more…)