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Windows Vista SP1- …. better than you’d think it be…

July 23, 2009

Yes, my first computer with std Windows Vista Home Premium … with future upgrade to windows 7 available.

on first usage… the visuals are lovely… the speed is fast and everything runs smoothly… it could be the laptops specs being 5.8 in every area except for the processor at 4.8 .. ( this number being the Windows Experience Index the higher the better)

blazing fast 4Gb’s of ram and a 7200RPM Hdd probably made the index unbalanced… also the rendering capabilities on this machine is amazing…

back to the os, … the Aero interface is nice to use and is smooth, again, due to the hardware available… the system is not as nannyish as you’d expect it to be and executing admin tasks are easy and painless ( because i always run as admin).

I usually turn off windows updates, but with this pc, I suppose i would leave it on, so in the future i can update the os when sp2 comes out.. ( ever the optimist am i? :D)

oh well, that is the gist of my experience so far…

Windows will apparently remain a mainstay in my computers due to the ease of usage and wide spread compatibility…

until i get my own Laptop, I will keeop my desktop limping in XP Pro SP3..


Preview: Philips SPA2300 Budget Speakers

July 19, 2009

yes..  Link

it matches my comp screen and cpu .. being silver/black…

I am glad that after 18 yrs of crappy speakers and 3 yrs of decent ones… i have bought a NEW pair of decent speakers

full review within the week


April 10, 2009

Hoy there folks!! the first post of 2009, and it is on Easter Friday 🙂 NZ loves their bunnies 😛

to sum the things that have happened since the New Year

JAN – We as a Family went for a Holiday to a small town called Napier, on the east coast of the South Island. It was a lovely place, beautiful buildings, lovely warm weather and windy beaches. It is also known as the Art Deco capital of the world, being rebuilt in the 30’s after a massive earthquake hit it. One could say it was out of this tragedy, the bedrock of the fortunes of the East Coasters were laid.

FEB – Well, much of the same, cleaning, daily stuff, and the real focus was on applying for my master’s in engineering at the University of Waikato, talked to a couple of lecturers and kept mulling over it. :)for a whole month. Discovered YMO at the same time too.

MAR- Finally chose a subject, got the application done.. .and would be an official student on the 1st of APR. I continued to spend the rest of the month , researching the topics i needed to go through, and go for grad seminars.I also made a choice to begin the next month studying various things – Japanese ( not much progress though), german ( ich ein bin Munster), learning the Guitar ( bloody hard when you have fingers that are thicker and longer than most), blogging 😆 ( as a good place to begin my time line planning), drawing ( you know what it is, think my usual sketches), learning Solidworks (might be vital for my course), and finaly, doing some online learning through IMechE. That is something  i would implore my coursemates and fellow IMechE members to do, that is make full use of all the facilities they have provided online. Some topics may be a little dated but the up to date topics would be available online.

Finally APR – Ten days into April, I have decided on my literature review component, tentatively called ” A Literature review of Natural fibre reinforced composite plastics, their properties,  and their potential practical applications”. The main Purpose of these fibres are to replace glass in Glass fibre plastics, reducing the impact on the environment on rpoduction, use and ath the endstage of the products life cycle.

Obviously along the way, I have watched many anime series( Maria +Holic, Minami-ke Okaeri, Asu no Yoichi, ToraDora, Shugo Chara, xxxHolic Kei, Zoku Sayonara Zetusbou Sensei, Kanokon, Kyou no Go no ni – basically series that i didn’t have time to watch while still in Malaysia). Picking up a few this season, K-on ( I LOVE MIO!!!!!), Hayate no Gotoku 2, Natsu no Arashi ( i am disappointed with the quality though), Tayutama, Kiniro no Corda ~second Passo~(enjoyed the 1st season though 🙂), Polyphonica, Hatsukoi Gentei ( but its worrying, the story). Anything else is either lame, disturbing or just simply crass…

Oh well, the schedule is is full, as you can Imagine, I do hope to put aside some time for blogging and my poetry ( of which i have done little). and yes, spam on people’s blogs with a cbox 🙂 .

Until the next time people!

Greetings from the land UNDER Down Under…

December 12, 2008

First of all, I apologise for abandoning thePlog for a short while (almost 3 months eh?). RL had caught up with me, OZ was a “meh” experience, and the fact that my whole family has migrated to NZ to a little BIG town called Hamilton has resulted in this gross neglect of an otherwise enjoyable pastime of mine.

Now… RL caught up in the sense that I had started packing for the NZ move. Dust was everywhere, tables flat packed, cupboards emptied… there was a lot of work done in that tiny 20×90 double storey terrace house, as we eventually filled a 20ft container with ALL our worldly possessions. What we left out was the washing machine and the kitchen sink, as they were of no use in our new home. Container was sent off in three months ( long period, but it was broken by my 1 and a half month sojourn to my new home in NZ) and then I did a couple more things in Msia (both official and unofficial 🙂  )and then returning to NZ on the 19th of Nov. the following weeks were full of activity as I had relatives coming in one after the other … ( same as in Klang!) visiting and entertaining… hell that was fun! As the container (arrived AKL port 30th Nov) was bloody late due to the stupid strike in Auckland, we couldn’t do anything other than clean up and run around to the biosecurity offices, customs and the freighters to ensure everything went smoothly. The container arrived on the 10th, which so happened to be my parents silver anniversary of the marriage, so unpacking the container was like unwrapping a 8 tonne present from Malaysia. The main highlight was the leather settee set bought brand new, being my father’s gift. The leather settee was bought based on a single seater we sighted at the factory showroom, and was valued by a neighbour (who was a furniture dealer) to be around 8kNZ$…. good to know that all the money spent on the couch as well as the container shipping fees can be recouped by selling the couch!

Most of the goods are still in the garage, yet to be unboxed and dank, smelling  of bromide gas, remnants of the fumigation process required by NZ Biosecurity for ALL products brought in, to prevent any “hitch hikers” (Remember the Black Plague anyone?)

I had immediately unboxed and put my rig together…. and then fired her up… to no avail. My 3yr old rig refuses to fire up, and upon closer inspection, there was corrosion around the capacitors on board the mobo.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I cannot say what could have happened, but I would volunteer that it could be the fact that bad weather could have caused it.. extreeme cold? bah…

so I would prolly have to use this even older lappie (5yrs old) to do stuff…. urgh…. I need a job now….

ah decisions… car or computer or 52″ LCD home theatre system…. what to do now…. argh….kuso

SO, thus I’ll bid you, my dear reader, (yes I know you are the only one) goodbye until I have the urge to share my portmanteau of emotions. Or same time next week.

also… this laptops lcd screen is giving problems…. bagh screwed up colours and shit……

Preview: Acer Aspire 4350 – Back in Black, baby…

July 23, 2008

Just got a new laptop for the home,

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 RM-70 / 2.0 GHz ( Dual-Core )
Cache Memory: 1 MB, L2 cache
RAM: 2 GB (installed) / 4 GB (max), DDR II SDRAM, 667 MHz ( 2 x 1 GB )
Card Reader: 5 in 1
Hard Drive: 160 GB
Optical Storage: DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM, integrated
Display: 14.1″ TFT 1280 x 800 ( WXGA ), 24-bit (16.7 million colors), CrystalBrite
Graphics Controller: NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G (SWEET!!!)
Networking: Network adapter, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g
Wireless NIC: Acer InviLink 802.11b/g
Notebook Camera: Integrated

First things first, the graphics processor is actually an onboard one, sharing the RAM with the CPU. SO for full sized mobo offerings, being paired to another graphics card, will probably make the graphics soo much better…

more to come soon …

now the pictures 🙂

BLACK!!! (i almost bought a vostro…. dells build quality is better though acer is not too far behind)

ooo glossy black-blue surface ….

one week

May 27, 2008

yet another week of thrills and spills has gone by,

i have yet to fully plan my trip to perth…

i have yet to clear my past notes…

i have yet to get a new rig as this current one is failing me… at times…

i am proud that i have accomplished some things, namely the arrangement of the room, purchase of a Solvil Titus watch for my dad’s birthday as well as for father’s day.

again…. i am proud that this blog is now a year old with very very few readers :)….

But rest assured… a full and comprehensive report on perth will be coming soon after i post up my planned guide for the trip. expect pictures and stuff… 🙂

so until then, sayonara!

freedom! and a busy weekend

May 19, 2008

last thursday:

finished last paper, went home … had lunch, went to uni, went to chilli’s midvalley. that’s it….

oh and the comp crashed… 😆

last friday :

low yat plaza…. bought dvds and a D-Link DIR-300 router (yes its a basic model.. i know..)

watched narnia: prince caspian…. good film… just like the book

later in the evening saw a temple on Jln Pudu on fire, and went to Qba in Sunway Pyramid….

except Qba was replaced with this place called the coco banana…. cool dancing moves by teddy bear and Jaakob… a tiff took place and some people had to be KPC and watched on…

went straight back to semenyih after that…

last saturday :

packed and cleaned room…

reached home, un packed…. cleaned room

installed the router… did take some time before i got the sequence right …

will hack it later… some time in june…

dinner at the country club with my family….


cleaned the rooms and cleaned and cleaned…

still helluva lot of things to do…

XUBUNTU!!! Ubuntu Lite

July 15, 2007

Downloaded it. Installed it. Drew a conclusion.

Vista= overloaded xubuntu ripoff.

xubuntu does every thing a normal person would need an operating system to do, run wordprocessors, create spreadsheets, email, internet and a wine emulator to run windows games….. hardcore shoppers can get even more so with THE GIMP.

take control of your PC. go open source!

Sigh, I Really Dunno *Shrugs*

June 27, 2007

You see, one might be happy and / or sad when people call him / her nicknames. Thanks to you, I got “little boy”, thanks to Kwang I got “small boy”, thanks to Ee Yin I got “Small Little Kid”, thanks to Pris I got “Little Alex / Little boy” =_=|||

I got worse stuffs but I just thank god that it doens’t sound bad at all, you know why?? I pawn j00 all muhahahahah xD

SLK (Benz xD) / LB(lay bitches xD) / LA(lord of avernus xD) / SK(sand king / skel King xD) just pawned *To Whom It May Concern* for extra 999999999999 reputation!

O h d a m n – BRB.


Ps: .. .he is simply brilliant….

Lala-land: An Update

June 21, 2007

G’day mates~ this is a holler from Lala-land

Monitor = Going strong , not being used much :sniff: as I am working… and at night i continue working…. (i have no life)

Anime and Manga = stop@$!#% is not working properly, cutting me halfway, and the others…… suffice to say….. if it were my old gateway… fist through glass…..

Open source = unable to find a bulk downloader for torrents…. also, tweaked the settings a little and am now encoding as well as listening to music….. ( doing this too) PC health :- RAM utilised ~ 400megs and page file ~ 200megs ; CPU usage ~40%

HiFi = clear as always…. polished and scrubbed the inputs and found the signal to be clearer…( in the case of ’70s mp3s….. cracklier….) still unable to handle metal riffs and hiphop booms

Watch = Rigours of daily life is starting to show…. on the weaket part = the metal clasp, has minute scratches and what not…… however, as in the diving forums, it is to be expected and therefore their rationale is, why store such a practical timepiece….. it’s like storing away a IWC big pilots watch….

Pictures = Cuteoverload, and seem to satiate my needs for moe nowadays….. as wakachan is frowned upon in my workplace….. kurushidesu….

Language = Picking up German and Japanese, and I intend to take my “effective” mother tongue to new heights of perfection.

Girls= is it so wrong to be obsessed with something that SEEMS impossible….. I tell you my “brotzhar” nuffink is impossible… XD XD

What comes, will come, What is, will be, What will, I will it be ~ Lord Jagganath