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Sigh, I Really Dunno *Shrugs*

June 27, 2007

You see, one might be happy and / or sad when people call him / her nicknames. Thanks to you, I got “little boy”, thanks to Kwang I got “small boy”, thanks to Ee Yin I got “Small Little Kid”, thanks to Pris I got “Little Alex / Little boy” =_=|||

I got worse stuffs but I just thank god that it doens’t sound bad at all, you know why?? I pawn j00 all muhahahahah xD

SLK (Benz xD) / LB(lay bitches xD) / LA(lord of avernus xD) / SK(sand king / skel King xD) just pawned *To Whom It May Concern* for extra 999999999999 reputation!

O h d a m n – BRB.


Ps: .. .he is simply brilliant….


Lusts of the Juggernaut – Tres Type

May 25, 2007

Yo! ‘Tis time for the third time, the Lusts of the Juggernaut is back with a back to basics approach. It’s all about the miscellaneous implements one would want in life.

Firstly, clothing is something one must have; it must be snazzy and comfortable. No different, I am; when it comes to being “vain” ( to a certain degree XD) I would say i rank quite high on the sin listings. (more…)