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Jagwharrrrrr -purrrrrr

July 31, 2009

I am obsessed with a Jaguar… a XK8 to be exact…

this is truly a beautiful machine… never thought so until i saw it in this colour


yes, Aubergine …. Mulberry…. purple…. sexy as….

I can has NZD 37k?


BMW 760Li Turbo V12

April 11, 2009

Just a snippet today,

BMW’s 760Li .Power outputs are 544 horses at 5,250rpm and a massive 750Nm of torque from as low as 1,500rpm all the way to 5,000rpm.

BMW is known for its high revving high power engines.

BMW regularly detunes engines for various reasons.

expect someone to rechip this baby, add two turbos to make it a quad turbo, raising the rev-limiter, and imagine the racket this thing would be making a 10000 rpm.

I can imagine this V12 punching well above its weight, reaching 600+ Bhp and maybe even breaching the kilo mark at the Nm ratings.

The possibilities!!! Maybe even 1000 + BHp… watchout Bugatti…

the buggers had better bring a X& into the market with this engine, Daddy needs to pull his boat to the marina.


April 10, 2009

Hoy there folks!! the first post of 2009, and it is on Easter Friday 🙂 NZ loves their bunnies 😛

to sum the things that have happened since the New Year

JAN – We as a Family went for a Holiday to a small town called Napier, on the east coast of the South Island. It was a lovely place, beautiful buildings, lovely warm weather and windy beaches. It is also known as the Art Deco capital of the world, being rebuilt in the 30’s after a massive earthquake hit it. One could say it was out of this tragedy, the bedrock of the fortunes of the East Coasters were laid.

FEB – Well, much of the same, cleaning, daily stuff, and the real focus was on applying for my master’s in engineering at the University of Waikato, talked to a couple of lecturers and kept mulling over it. :)for a whole month. Discovered YMO at the same time too.

MAR- Finally chose a subject, got the application done.. .and would be an official student on the 1st of APR. I continued to spend the rest of the month , researching the topics i needed to go through, and go for grad seminars.I also made a choice to begin the next month studying various things – Japanese ( not much progress though), german ( ich ein bin Munster), learning the Guitar ( bloody hard when you have fingers that are thicker and longer than most), blogging 😆 ( as a good place to begin my time line planning), drawing ( you know what it is, think my usual sketches), learning Solidworks (might be vital for my course), and finaly, doing some online learning through IMechE. That is something  i would implore my coursemates and fellow IMechE members to do, that is make full use of all the facilities they have provided online. Some topics may be a little dated but the up to date topics would be available online.

Finally APR – Ten days into April, I have decided on my literature review component, tentatively called ” A Literature review of Natural fibre reinforced composite plastics, their properties,  and their potential practical applications”. The main Purpose of these fibres are to replace glass in Glass fibre plastics, reducing the impact on the environment on rpoduction, use and ath the endstage of the products life cycle.

Obviously along the way, I have watched many anime series( Maria +Holic, Minami-ke Okaeri, Asu no Yoichi, ToraDora, Shugo Chara, xxxHolic Kei, Zoku Sayonara Zetusbou Sensei, Kanokon, Kyou no Go no ni – basically series that i didn’t have time to watch while still in Malaysia). Picking up a few this season, K-on ( I LOVE MIO!!!!!), Hayate no Gotoku 2, Natsu no Arashi ( i am disappointed with the quality though), Tayutama, Kiniro no Corda ~second Passo~(enjoyed the 1st season though 🙂), Polyphonica, Hatsukoi Gentei ( but its worrying, the story). Anything else is either lame, disturbing or just simply crass…

Oh well, the schedule is is full, as you can Imagine, I do hope to put aside some time for blogging and my poetry ( of which i have done little). and yes, spam on people’s blogs with a cbox 🙂 .

Until the next time people!

Greetings from the land UNDER Down Under…

December 12, 2008

First of all, I apologise for abandoning thePlog for a short while (almost 3 months eh?). RL had caught up with me, OZ was a “meh” experience, and the fact that my whole family has migrated to NZ to a little BIG town called Hamilton has resulted in this gross neglect of an otherwise enjoyable pastime of mine.

Now… RL caught up in the sense that I had started packing for the NZ move. Dust was everywhere, tables flat packed, cupboards emptied… there was a lot of work done in that tiny 20×90 double storey terrace house, as we eventually filled a 20ft container with ALL our worldly possessions. What we left out was the washing machine and the kitchen sink, as they were of no use in our new home. Container was sent off in three months ( long period, but it was broken by my 1 and a half month sojourn to my new home in NZ) and then I did a couple more things in Msia (both official and unofficial 🙂  )and then returning to NZ on the 19th of Nov. the following weeks were full of activity as I had relatives coming in one after the other … ( same as in Klang!) visiting and entertaining… hell that was fun! As the container (arrived AKL port 30th Nov) was bloody late due to the stupid strike in Auckland, we couldn’t do anything other than clean up and run around to the biosecurity offices, customs and the freighters to ensure everything went smoothly. The container arrived on the 10th, which so happened to be my parents silver anniversary of the marriage, so unpacking the container was like unwrapping a 8 tonne present from Malaysia. The main highlight was the leather settee set bought brand new, being my father’s gift. The leather settee was bought based on a single seater we sighted at the factory showroom, and was valued by a neighbour (who was a furniture dealer) to be around 8kNZ$…. good to know that all the money spent on the couch as well as the container shipping fees can be recouped by selling the couch!

Most of the goods are still in the garage, yet to be unboxed and dank, smelling  of bromide gas, remnants of the fumigation process required by NZ Biosecurity for ALL products brought in, to prevent any “hitch hikers” (Remember the Black Plague anyone?)

I had immediately unboxed and put my rig together…. and then fired her up… to no avail. My 3yr old rig refuses to fire up, and upon closer inspection, there was corrosion around the capacitors on board the mobo.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I cannot say what could have happened, but I would volunteer that it could be the fact that bad weather could have caused it.. extreeme cold? bah…

so I would prolly have to use this even older lappie (5yrs old) to do stuff…. urgh…. I need a job now….

ah decisions… car or computer or 52″ LCD home theatre system…. what to do now…. argh….kuso

SO, thus I’ll bid you, my dear reader, (yes I know you are the only one) goodbye until I have the urge to share my portmanteau of emotions. Or same time next week.

also… this laptops lcd screen is giving problems…. bagh screwed up colours and shit……

woooooo… Diesel Legacy coming!!!

February 11, 2008

In a few months… the new diesel boxer Subaru Legacy will be launched in Europe and Australasia…. pity not in Malaysia…..

LINK here 

I don’t know what it sounds like…. but i expect a full baritone….. when are they going to release a diesel Impreza WRX eh?

Congratulations, MMM!!

August 10, 2007

Congratulations goes to Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia for launching their Mitsubishi Lancer ( Galant Fortis in JDM mode)  after their World Premiers in the US!!! this shows that they are serious with their cars, after the farce that was named as the counterpart to Neutron…..

Heck I love its looks, echoing the previous gen. Galant which in turn looked like a BMW E34 for the 21st century ( high praise … cos i love the BMW E34..). The gentlemen at MMM has decided to bring the GT spec (Which is one of the higher trims) to Malaysia… Sweet… my only gripe is that it has no 4wd and has no manual box in Malaysia…. only a CVT automatic, that it self represents a detraction for a manual person…. (auto’s i don’t mind has no CVT…. do you think bmw would jump the cvt bandwagon… i hope not..)

of all its shortcomings, none is as bad as the fact that it is not similar to the Evo X….. unlike Subaru, they use totally different cars for their lancer and Evolution models respectively….. ( atleast that was the case with the Evo VIII)

This car almost made me convert to FWD…. but no. I stand by this when i say… I have fallen in love With The Triton…. you’ll find me in a white one sooner than in a red Lancer 2.0 GT.


BMW: The design truth

August 5, 2007

Ok, here’s the two one one….. Bangle DOES NOT do any more design work. He is totally out of the picture.

In fact the last design he did was the E46, a nice car i believe…*cannot believe i am defending him*

If you want to blame anyone… blame the board of directors… Bangle merely became the “face” to the design job, It’s a typical german “in” joke. Once they get a bona fide german back in the hot seat, you’ll see more elegant designs, as if they were formed by God himself.

IMHO the most elegant and timeless of designs were considered the most boring by many others, the E32, E34, E38, E23, E24, E46, e39….. and their cars could have been more dynamic and more efficient than they were.  Here’s the crux of the issue, when will we get beautiful BMWs ? Look at the 50s/60s Farina designs?….or look far in the future…… one things for sure, edges as sharp as a razorblade and as flat as the bonneville plains don’t cut it any more…. Give us back our style in our UDMs, please!!!

Roboto-san, Domo Arigato

July 31, 2007

There are those who are BAY-ing for Michael Bay’s blood. The Live action movie of Transformers has me caught in a fix… cursing volkswagen for not allowing their cars to be in such a movie and at the same time cursing the scripters for not adding enough back story………

well, here goes, TF is a mega hit. I just want to go out and grab all the vehicle based bots…. naturally it will be the closer to car based models…… the rest i consider over-glorified Gundams… I mean, who wants a planet eating orb?… ( In primus i trust, unicron is not appearing soon… i hope)

the movie too makes me want to just go out and start writing my head off. write about the science fiction genre i am so much in love with… I hopeit becomes a reality soon…

Cars = Show down Between

June 27, 2007

 ( Taken for the period 2003 to present)

Punkt Ein :

Why BMW is Better than Mercedes Benz 

1. ALL models are rear wheel drive cars = sporty driving and good fuel consumption

2. Turbo-charging increases MPG and has a big increase in power whereas Supercharging uses up to 30% of rated power (kW) from crankshaft

3. Built quality is immaculate and of higher quality materials ( this is the reason BMW is making less money , yet they are selling more cars. )

4. Ride is generally more even and suits the spirited driver

5. Is more focused in providing quality passenger cars for the individual

Point Zwei :

Why Mercedes Benz is better than BMW 

1. Supercharging is even and provides power from low revolutions

2. Image counts, and has built a reputation over the years

3. Has a comfortable ride and has many fans of the ride

4. Technology is stable and proven

5. Diesels are efficient , drawing from its 100 odd years of producing diesel engines for commercial and private purposes

PS…. It is true that i am a BMW fan-atic, but please, do comment on the subject….

Disclaimer : All that is written represents a person’s perception and does not require solid proof..

(Just how a reporter destroyed a new Morris’ reputation in the ’70s by listening to a mechanic complain about a model that has nothing to do with the new car)