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Hello 2010 and Winter & Spring Anime for 2010

April 11, 2010

Greetings dear reader, welcome to the first (technical) 2010 post of The Juggernaut’s Poetry Log – where everything in my life is poetry.

First off, I would take this opportunity to point out my Twitter feed on the right hand column of the blog. various insights and at times fanboyisms will come flowing through that portal.

Next, I’d like to point out that I have decided to separate my musings into Hello! Project idols and JPop as well as KPop off to separate blogs – The Random H!P Blog and JPopVsKPop, in order to deconstruct them in an orderly manner. As they are both works in progress, I will soon enlist contributors for the blogs. This would ensure that the anime and miscellaneous side of my personage would remain distinct from those two more organised ones, if only to keep the tone of those posts professional and technical.

Now on to the “meat” of the post, which is nothing really ๐Ÿ˜€ it is merely me ripping “chartfag“s charts and circling those series I intend to watch. And at this point :gasp: i may even further elucidate on the virtues of a select few series, after i have watched it all in one go of course.

First off, winter 2010, a time of ok series.

Durarara, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Hanamaru Youchien, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Hidamari Sketch :star x 3:, Omamori Himari, Chu-bra! and Kaito Reinya are the “main series” to watch with miscelleanous OVAs. Winter 2010 was a lean period for my tastes, with 8 series that pique my interests, lean times. out of the lot, I would probably think of doing a deconstruct on Hanamaru Youchien and Baka to Test, as these two series have been acquired and marathon watched already.

Now, on to Spring 2010, which seems to have more promise.

I think I’d let the reader decide what is great :D. Heroman was a surprise insert, if only because it is a Stan Lee vehicle and a Bones project. Angel Beats, though uncircled, could prove to be a surprise 14th series to watch, if my twitter comrades say nice things about it :D. (that is the case with Baka to Test, it almost became a non watch, as Hanamaru Youchien, instead it became the more enjoyable series.)

Alright then, the watching may not commence soon, as i start “work” for my uni tomorrow. So, things may become a lot more sporadic that is already has been.However, when my muse returns, the poetry, manga musing and fanboying over favourite idols will be posted now and then here and there in the other two blogs.

until the next post!

Good day, dear reader!


The Super Seiyuu Legion

October 22, 2009

There is a legend, that speaks of greatness, of voice actresses, who have the beauty and grace as well as the voice to be worthy of the Super Seiyuuย Legion.

They are in no particular order,

Horie Yui, Mamiko Noto, Mizuki Nana,ย Kugimiya Rie, Tamura Yukari, Kawasumi Ayako, Tanaka Rie, Sato Rina, Ueda Kana, Mai Nakahara, Ai Shimizu

This list of ethereal beings are notable because they all debuted in the late 1990’s and have since voiced some of the most amazing and influential characters in anime. ( also most of them are in their late 20’s/early 30’s)

(I may have missed out a few, and whoever debuted after 1999 is not counted… ( otherwise i’d include Chihara minori in there, she was a late bloomer)

Pic Spam on request. ๐Ÿ˜€

oh linky thing to Seiyuu Saimoe

Fall Anime 2009 – the ones to follow

October 10, 2009

SO, here we are once again, a year on and finally, some semblance of sanity has returned to the anime world. ( Or not.)

The following is a list of Anime I will be following for the next season. ๐Ÿ˜€

1. Darker than Black – comet of Geminiย  (collect)
2. To aru Kagaku no Chidenbou –ย  ( OMG OMG OMG ) MIKOTO!!
3. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu : Purezza – aww right! more Nogizaka rabu!
4. Sacred Blacksmith – looks potentially good
5. FAIRY TAIL!!! (YESSSSSSS) the manga is awesome!!
6. Kimi no todoke- I LOVE THE PREMISE !! ๐Ÿ˜€
8. Natsu no Arashi 2 ( Why on earth am i doing this to myself? bad art and all)
9. White Album 2 ( dorama!!!)
10. Kobato ( I realised i may end up a Clamp-holic) (see what i did there?)
11. KAMPFERย  – I follow the Manga
12. Sora no otoshimono ( manga is NOMworthy)
13. Seitokai no Ichizon – Lucky Star lite?
14. SHIN koihime Musou-ย  2nd season continuation (collect)

6 out of 14 on my list are 2nd seasons or spin-offs… that leaves 8 new series, out of which 3 are manga/stories i am familiar with… leaving 5 which i am choosing purely on art /potential story merit… hmmmm

it is going to be a whole season of goodness… pity i shan’t be watching anything until April 2010… ๐Ÿ˜€


May 22, 2009

YATTA!!!!! KITTA!!!! Haruhi new episode is here!!!!! wooooooooot!!!! oh and yeah.. am doing two topics for my ME. ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒŽใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒŽใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒŽใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒŽใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒŽใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒŽใƒ˜(^_^ใƒ˜)(ใƒŽ^_^)ใƒŽ


Anime Rant: Natsu No Arashi…

April 13, 2009

I am disappointed. VERY disappointed. With the artwork, with the voicework and with the colours. Frankly, the storyline is fine, as long as they follow the manga. you can search for other reviews is you want a synopsis on the storyline.

I cannot stand the way they’ve animated, Arashi, Kaja and the Bar Owner. the only people who are animated properly are the idiotic men in the series… but that is not the least of it…

at least if the art style is similar, we couldn’t care about the voice work. It’s a pity they couldn’t bring everyone from School Rumble in….. yes even Koshimizu Ami….

Bah…. I pray for Lucky star, Maria Holic -second seasons and Minami-ke fourth season..


April 10, 2009

Hoy there folks!! the first post of 2009, and it is on Easter Friday ๐Ÿ™‚ NZ loves their bunnies ๐Ÿ˜›

to sum the things that have happened since the New Year

JAN – We as a Family went for a Holiday to a small town called Napier, on the east coast of the South Island. It was a lovely place, beautiful buildings, lovely warm weather and windy beaches. It is also known as the Art Deco capital of the world, being rebuilt in the 30’s after a massive earthquake hit it. One could say it was out of this tragedy, the bedrock of the fortunes of the East Coasters were laid.

FEB – Well, much of the same, cleaning, daily stuff, and the real focus was on applying for my master’s in engineering at the University of Waikato, talked to a couple of lecturers and kept mulling over it. :)for a whole month. Discovered YMO at the same time too.

MAR- Finally chose a subject, got the application done.. .and would be an official student on the 1st of APR. I continued to spend the rest of the month , researching the topics i needed to go through, and go for grad seminars.I also made a choice to begin the next month studying various things – Japanese ( not much progress though), german ( ich ein bin Munster), learning the Guitar ( bloody hard when you have fingers that are thicker and longer than most), blogging ๐Ÿ˜† ( as a good place to begin my time line planning), drawing ( you know what it is, think my usual sketches), learning Solidworks (might be vital for my course), and finaly, doing some online learning through IMechE. That is somethingย  i would implore my coursemates and fellow IMechE members to do, that is make full use of all the facilities they have provided online. Some topics may be a little dated but the up to date topics would be available online.

Finally APR – Ten days into April, I have decided on my literature review component, tentatively called ” A Literature review of Natural fibre reinforced composite plastics, their properties,ย  and their potential practical applications”. The main Purpose of these fibres are to replace glass in Glass fibre plastics, reducing the impact on the environment on rpoduction, use and ath the endstage of the products life cycle.

Obviously along the way, I have watched many anime series( Maria +Holic, Minami-ke Okaeri, Asu no Yoichi, ToraDora, Shugo Chara, xxxHolic Kei, Zoku Sayonara Zetusbou Sensei, Kanokon, Kyou no Go no ni – basically series that i didn’t have time to watch while still in Malaysia). Picking up a few this season, K-on ( I LOVE MIO!!!!!), Hayate no Gotoku 2, Natsu no Arashi ( i am disappointed with the quality though), Tayutama, Kiniro no Corda ~second Passo~(enjoyed the 1st season though ๐Ÿ™‚), Polyphonica, Hatsukoi Gentei ( but its worrying, the story). Anything else is either lame, disturbing or just simply crass…

Oh well, the schedule is is full, as you can Imagine, I do hope to put aside some time for blogging and my poetry ( of which i have done little). and yes, spam on people’s blogs with a cbox ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Until the next time people!


January 25, 2008


I understand jack on the page as it is all in Mandarin, but they have got to be kidding… it is a GOVERNMENT sanctioned COMIC website…. and of all comics…. they have Anime and Manga….. Ohboy…..

…..I suppose this is the way they monitor stuff eh……

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan 1-8 – a rant

December 14, 2007

Why did they have to do that to Kamina!!!!!!!?!?!??!?

He was a man’s man ….. so they killed him off arrrggggggghhhhhhh


(but i suppose the show can have only one hero….. baka Simon….)

Review:Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge 1

October 10, 2007

ANother anime…. in the vein of Hana Yori Dango, Hachimitsu no Clover and Bokura Ga Ita… The pastel colours and similar pace make for an interesting watch… if one likes love romance comedies!!

I for one will be following this series pretty closely… my gut tells me that it would be a short series… 3 months at most….

a quick check with ANN will remedy anything :p

and the search turns up no leads… lml(T-T)lml

and since it is by J.C.Staff, you can trust high animation quality and a decent turn of story…

one can only hope the subs can keep up pace ๐Ÿ™‚

Anime Review : Sola (extremely short)

June 3, 2007

Boy obsessed with the sky (sora or sola). Girl who cannot be out in the day time ( i am telling you its the usual kind of story). Sister who is sick in the hospital. Friend (girl) who comes and cooks everyday. Friend’s sister in same hospital as Sister. You’d prolly have no idea where we are going….

This anime is notable for having a dreamy quality in a gritty setting. It all lies in Noto Mamiko’s portrayal of the heroine in a relatively cutesy manner ( much better than Masa(mu)ne in Witchblade) and virtually out of her usual roles as calm and collected characters. Also the friend’s sister provides much comic relief when she calls her sister in a formal manner (“name”-san) and getting the “chop”. I think it’s possible to pick up formal japanese speech when you listen to this little girl. :p

Also the main reason of this dreamy setting is the fact that the main writer also did “Kanon”. The odd thing is the entire project started off as a drama CD . More info HERE.

The main character’s sister is voiced by Nakahara Mai, who is a character which can be best described in an utterly unrefined manner- “stoner”. And may also have a brother complex. :ugh:

It was slow at first, but later on has the usual tugs at emotions dot dot dot….(those who have watched Kanon will feel a sense of deja vu, sans the big chins and (relatively) huge eyes.) the character design is at times inconsistent… making me feel as if there might be a resurrection of Crescent Love. (noooooooooooo)

And at the point where i am at….. there is a sense of WTF!!! as there is a major story link in this episode seven. Until the end of the series, ETA 6 episodes, Adieu!