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Anime Rant: Natsu No Arashi…

April 13, 2009

I am disappointed. VERY disappointed. With the artwork, with the voicework and with the colours. Frankly, the storyline is fine, as long as they follow the manga. you can search for other reviews is you want a synopsis on the storyline.

I cannot stand the way they’ve animated, Arashi, Kaja and the Bar Owner. the only people who are animated properly are the idiotic men in the series… but that is not the least of it…

at least if the art style is similar, we couldn’t care about the voice work. It’s a pity they couldn’t bring everyone from School Rumble in….. yes even Koshimizu Ami….

Bah…. I pray for Lucky star, Maria Holic -second seasons and Minami-ke fourth season..



January 25, 2008


I understand jack on the page as it is all in Mandarin, but they have got to be kidding… it is a GOVERNMENT sanctioned COMIC website…. and of all comics…. they have Anime and Manga….. Ohboy…..

…..I suppose this is the way they monitor stuff eh……

Lala-land: An Update

June 21, 2007

G’day mates~ this is a holler from Lala-land

Monitor = Going strong , not being used much :sniff: as I am working… and at night i continue working…. (i have no life)

Anime and Manga = stop@$!#% is not working properly, cutting me halfway, and the others…… suffice to say….. if it were my old gateway… fist through glass…..

Open source = unable to find a bulk downloader for torrents…. also, tweaked the settings a little and am now encoding as well as listening to music….. ( doing this too) PC health :- RAM utilised ~ 400megs and page file ~ 200megs ; CPU usage ~40%

HiFi = clear as always…. polished and scrubbed the inputs and found the signal to be clearer…( in the case of ’70s mp3s….. cracklier….) still unable to handle metal riffs and hiphop booms

Watch = Rigours of daily life is starting to show…. on the weaket part = the metal clasp, has minute scratches and what not…… however, as in the diving forums, it is to be expected and therefore their rationale is, why store such a practical timepiece….. it’s like storing away a IWC big pilots watch….

Pictures = Cuteoverload, and seem to satiate my needs for moe nowadays….. as wakachan is frowned upon in my workplace….. kurushidesu….

Language = Picking up German and Japanese, and I intend to take my “effective” mother tongue to new heights of perfection.

Girls= is it so wrong to be obsessed with something that SEEMS impossible….. I tell you my “brotzhar” nuffink is impossible… XD XD

What comes, will come, What is, will be, What will, I will it be ~ Lord Jagganath

Wallpaper sites, a short glimpse…

May 16, 2007

These are good links to collect desktop wallpaper, including celebrities and others. -Good Site to obtain celebrity wallpaper, at times high quality, older wallies are 800 x 600 (site has been around since Y2k or older….) – Russian site, understand jack-shite but can figure out most, has many rare wallpaper of rare cars, ultimately is fun for the enthusiast. -Cars, Girls, animals, places, you name it. its there – as you guessed it, anime wallies galore! – Picture boards, has dedicated sections to High resolution and wallpapers :WARNING: may have NSFW content, enter at own risk.