Through The Fire and The Flames


Forgive my unseemly usage of Dragonforce’s “tour de force” song title, but it provides an apt metaphor for what is going on in this ever so wonderful life. Turmoil and turbulence will always be present in a person’s life, it is a sign of fortitude and a test of courage that gauges how that person uses these events as an opportunity to prove to one’s self that the person is capable. (yes I waffle but I am getting to the point)
This past two years have proven to be a challenge from not only without, but within as well. I have learned that I am tougher that I though I was and I truly have become more positive and happier, if only because I have chosen to be so.
The power of the human mind is such that when a notion is repeated with conviction, it manifests in reality. I do sincerely believe that, and that self doubt is possible to be overpowered by positive and self reassuring thoughts.
I am my greatest teacher and motivator and I will work on my own “tour de force” and “magnum opus” as time goes on. Watch this space.
Forge forth, Live Long and Prosper! \\//.
” We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days, Through the fire and the flames we carry on”


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