Hello 2010 and Winter & Spring Anime for 2010


Greetings dear reader, welcome to the first (technical) 2010 post of The Juggernaut’s Poetry Log – where everything in my life is poetry.

First off, I would take this opportunity to point out my Twitter feed on the right hand column of the blog. various insights and at times fanboyisms will come flowing through that portal.

Next, I’d like to point out that I have decided to separate my musings into Hello! Project idols and JPop as well as KPop off to separate blogs – The Random H!P Blog and JPopVsKPop, in order to deconstruct them in an orderly manner. As they are both works in progress, I will soon enlist contributors for the blogs. This would ensure that the anime and miscellaneous side of my personage would remain distinct from those two more organised ones, if only to keep the tone of those posts professional and technical.

Now on to the “meat” of the post, which is nothing really 😀 it is merely me ripping “chartfag“s charts and circling those series I intend to watch. And at this point :gasp: i may even further elucidate on the virtues of a select few series, after i have watched it all in one go of course.

First off, winter 2010, a time of ok series.

Durarara, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Hanamaru Youchien, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Hidamari Sketch :star x 3:, Omamori Himari, Chu-bra! and Kaito Reinya are the “main series” to watch with miscelleanous OVAs. Winter 2010 was a lean period for my tastes, with 8 series that pique my interests, lean times. out of the lot, I would probably think of doing a deconstruct on Hanamaru Youchien and Baka to Test, as these two series have been acquired and marathon watched already.

Now, on to Spring 2010, which seems to have more promise.

I think I’d let the reader decide what is great :D. Heroman was a surprise insert, if only because it is a Stan Lee vehicle and a Bones project. Angel Beats, though uncircled, could prove to be a surprise 14th series to watch, if my twitter comrades say nice things about it :D. (that is the case with Baka to Test, it almost became a non watch, as Hanamaru Youchien, instead it became the more enjoyable series.)

Alright then, the watching may not commence soon, as i start “work” for my uni tomorrow. So, things may become a lot more sporadic that is already has been.However, when my muse returns, the poetry, manga musing and fanboying over favourite idols will be posted now and then here and there in the other two blogs.

until the next post!

Good day, dear reader!


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