Kappa Queen, and The Toothy Princess


My Water Imp.

She gambols around,
in shallow water,
and smiled her wonky grin,
her eyes glisten,
in the glittering day,
‘neath the tree,
by the creek,
she splashed water,
at me and our place,
she looked beautiful,
in her green bathing suit,
creamy complected,
dark hair in pigtails,
never thought,
i’d even dream of this moment,
my sweet water imp,
frolicked along the creek,
without a care in the world,
just the thought,
of Her and me.

To my Toothy Princess biggrin.gif
my grinning princess
teeth like pearls,
gleam in twilight,
straight flowing hair,
like the black veil of night,
drops of perspiration,
glisten in the moonlight,
as you dance with your all,
each move, filled with vigour,
inspire me to do the same,
like a sacred ritual,
we dance in rings,
in the forest clearing,
the bliss we feel,
will last forever,
you laugh rings clear,
in the crisp evening air,
echo throughout the forest,
i crowned your hair,
with a clover circlet,
my lady luck,
you have given me,
reason to be grateful,
for my worldly existence.

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