Fall Anime 2009 – the ones to follow


SO, here we are once again, a year on and finally, some semblance of sanity has returned to the anime world. ( Or not.)

The following is a list of Anime I will be following for the next season. 😀

1. Darker than Black – comet of Gemini  (collect)
2. To aru Kagaku no Chidenbou –  ( OMG OMG OMG ) MIKOTO!!
3. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu : Purezza – aww right! more Nogizaka rabu!
4. Sacred Blacksmith – looks potentially good
5. FAIRY TAIL!!! (YESSSSSSS) the manga is awesome!!
6. Kimi no todoke- I LOVE THE PREMISE !! 😀
8. Natsu no Arashi 2 ( Why on earth am i doing this to myself? bad art and all)
9. White Album 2 ( dorama!!!)
10. Kobato ( I realised i may end up a Clamp-holic) (see what i did there?)
11. KAMPFER  – I follow the Manga
12. Sora no otoshimono ( manga is NOMworthy)
13. Seitokai no Ichizon – Lucky Star lite?
14. SHIN koihime Musou-  2nd season continuation (collect)

6 out of 14 on my list are 2nd seasons or spin-offs… that leaves 8 new series, out of which 3 are manga/stories i am familiar with… leaving 5 which i am choosing purely on art /potential story merit… hmmmm

it is going to be a whole season of goodness… pity i shan’t be watching anything until April 2010… 😀


One Response to “Fall Anime 2009 – the ones to follow”

  1. Leonard loooo Says:

    I only following Nyan Koi now…

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