your beautiful, beaming smile,
lights up my darkest day,
your sweet fine pixie face,
brings warmth to the recesses,
of the deepest depths,
of my dark soul,

Have I been struck, with a strange affliction?
is it what the ancients called, a love addiction,
a craving so intense, so right and so true,
that your soul screams out for more,
your compassion, magnanimity and authority,
makes me wonder,
why was i asunder,

before i found you,
i was oh so blue ,
I needed a glue,
which entailed a clue,
I want to imbue,
my precious thoughts of you,
upon everyone,
even to my unborn son,
even when i am gone,
tales will be told of you,
prepared i am,
sure , I am,
undoubtedly I am,
in love with you,
your grace of movement,
your sophistry of speech,
your clarity of thought,
your intensity of passion,
all those endear me to you,

your drive for success,
is making my head a mess,
Now I need to address,
this growing abcess,
of need in my heart,
for I have naught but a cart,
to sweep up all my parts,
that have been rendered apart,
by your sweet smile,
as serene as the river Nile,
so without any rile,
i shall commit to thee my life`.


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