Why Koharu’s Graduation is Good…


…because it means new members!! (remember 15-nin Sexy Boy 😀 ) YAY for the 9th Generation!!


She's going to go out with all guns blazing... and we will still miss you.

I have accepted that Koha may have decided to leave on short notice, and she is (probably) genuinely more interested in being a clothes horse, and possibly a soloist in the future.

Her graduation will also be my first Momosu graduation, as I became a fan only after Mikitty left.

This however, opens up a new page in Morning Musume’s long history, which is as a rule, turbulent ( though of late, during which time I became a fan, it was stable).

So, all bets are on the table., who is the next (or three) Musume? ( speculating, only from the current pool of talent, and under H!P)

First off, Yuu Kikkawa. The Momosu that could have been, was shafted for Mitsui. She had an excellent turn in the Kirari Revolution anime and in Milky Way , and may bring newer audiences into Momosu. Clearest voice by far, and is familiar with most if not all Momosu back catalogue of dances. She looks good too … 😀

Aye, at least we know you

Aye, at least we know you and your pretty face

So, she makes the costume look good...

So, she makes the costume look good...

Next up, Sayaka Kitahara. The Egg who could. ♥♥♥. Also in Kirari Revolution and Milky Way, her genki tom-boyishness will add a much needed Yossie factor to Momosu. And not forgetting that she can make any costume look good. Not the greatest voice, but who really cares, aye? She makes ANY costume look AMAZING!!

Saaya-sama is RABU!!!

Saaya-sama is RABU!!!

What did I tell ya, She is AWESOME♥♥♥

What did I tell ya, She is ABS-SOME♥♥♥

And here we come to the enigma…. This is majorly speculative and UNDESIRABLE, but she remains an option. If it could happen to Fujimoto Miki, why not to Mano Erina ? Ridiculous, but not out of this world. She’s cute, she’s youthful and ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! Her relatively tame songs could have been a ruse to set up the public, to accept her as a Momosu.

The Reason for My Living

The Reason for My Living

There are times I am speechless, it is now.

I am rendered speechless now.

A Major probability  of entry would be Jang Dayun. The new Korean Girl who joined H!P in June. She remains an enigma solely due to the lack of information and events, but that serves to strengthen the probability of her being the 9th generation member.I don’t care about the xenophobia that will result soon, but as the two Panda’s have shown, familiarity will create affection.

Why, hello there Riis- wait what do you mean you are not Sugaya?

Why, hello there Riis- wait what do you mean you are not Sugaya?

Potential candidates from existing groups?  Well, honestly, The most stable group ( Berryz Koubou) is not likely to have any break-offs because they work very well together.

Ah C-ute, the best group I have had the privilege of coming across, has been splintered many a time.

from 8-nin to 7-nin and then this year to 6nin and 5nin (in a space of 8 months).

will the group stay together? will they be merged with S/mileage ? (heavens! that is just ridiculous.)

But many souls have mentioned in the passing that the best candidate to be a Momosu out of C-ute ( or H!P kids for the matter), would be Maimi Yajima. She is the most elegant ( along with Suzuki Airi), the most driven and is probably the best fit for Momosu now.

I am not in favour of such a thing happening, but if it happens, it will happen.

Yajima Maimi

Ah, The next Miracle member...

Thus, my speculations and hopes are revealed. Here’s hoping that what ever comes next will be great for the entire establishment.

I am still sad and utterly gutted that I may not be able to see any of them as a group performing in concerts.

but that is just me, in the end.

Any way the path of life takes us, my wish for them is for them to live their lives well. as i shall live mine.


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One Response to “Why Koharu’s Graduation is Good…”

  1. Zhu Bajie Says:

    U hav same idea w/ me!
    But I hope the newest member of Momusu comes from Korea~
    Yupz, She’s Jang Dayun~

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