Nature’s Gift to Man – Part 1


This is a Fanfiction work by The Juggernaut – first published in H!O .
Whimsical Princes <3
Winter has just ended. Spring is here.
The trees are full of life, the daffodils have cycled, the cherry blossoms have bloomed.
The lake is teeming with fish and waterfowl, chicks abound.
amidst this serene scene, there lay a singular figure, strewn by the bank of the lake.
He contemplates life as he looks to the sky, watching the ever-changing wisps of clouds in the otherwise clear sky.
He closes his eyes, drinking in the sights, sounds and scents.

He drifts off to a light sleep, flitting between dreams and emptiness.

:chirping sounds, a rustle of leaves, sounds of grass being trod on:

A shadow hovers over his face, blocking the sun’s rays on his face.
After the initial blackness, he took in the face that was above his.
Her eyes like ebony danced over his features as he sought to comprehend the beauty that has above him.
Her smile shone like a thousand suns,
Her gleaming ivory teeth contrasted with her olive complexion framed with auburn hair, which hung down over him, for she was bent over overhead.
He sat up abruptly when he recognised her, barely brushing his nose over her bare shoulder.
She smiled serenely at him, grabbed his arms and pulled him up across the meadow adjoining the lake.

He was too surprised to react, he let her lead him on.
It was only then he glanced down her white sundress to her toned and muscled thighs.
Gasping at its magnificence, wrenching his head up.
he could have gazed at those glorious thighs all day long, but he didn’t want to be rude.

He knew his adventure, with that frivolous, energetic girl, had only just begun.

Breathlessly, our dear protagonist, blew along with the seemingly human gust of wind.
Hand in hand, her firm fingers grasp his palm, they drifted over the meadow rapidly, her shrill laughter filling the clear air.

She stopped in the middle of the field.
He felt his hand fall limp to his side.

He stood there for what seemed an eternity, whilst she turned around to face him.
Her countenance seemed dark as she looked at him in his eyes.
Her irises were as dark as the darkest coals, but she looked at him imploringly.
All this while, not a word had been spake, yet it seemed they had shared so much, in those fleeting moments.
He gave her his inquisitive look, for he knew not of her longing.
Her pursed lips, the tremble of her chin and her tearing eyes suggested that she was in distress.
He felt crestfallen, wondering what he may have done to make such an ethereal being sad.
He made his face turn away from the sight before him, fearing to see what it may become.

Silence, broken only by the blast of the last winter’s wind, and the rustling of the trees.

He felt a pair of strong, lithe arms clasping around his neck.
Instinctively he wrapped his arms around her lower torso, below her buttocks, lifting her up to eye level.

Eye to eye, he found his fears unfounded.
She was smiling at him, positively beaming.
He couldn’t help but smile back. She, in that few moments that had seemed a lifetime, had become a being of meaning to him.
He thought to himself, that must be her nature, to jest and toy, yet love unconditionally.
She had wanted a true feeling, to find meaning, to leave all her troubles behind.
He wanted to give that security to her, the feeling of comfort.

Heads on each others shoulders, he took to the soft grass as a tree felled, landing with a soft thud, with her body on him.

They drifted off into blissful sleep, her head on his chest, in the middle of the meadow.

It was spring, when his muse found him.
May the gentle caress of the spring breeze, comfort and soothe them.

End Part 1



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