Niijyuusan-sai desu!


Im the Juggernaut ya see

I'm the Juggernaut ya see

Hello world, this is The Juggernaut posting.
I will be turning 23 years today.
It is a milestone of sorts.
my second birthday in the land of Milk, lamb and honey.
I am having a busy and long day today.
I am in the process of convincing things to go my way.
I also promise to do great things.
Ramping up speed,
charging the good ol’ capacitors,
toroidal transformers have been primed :D, ( yes i know those are not the terms)
the gates to the largest reservoir of energy in the universe will be opened.

Look out, once I start rolling, there is no stopping!


One Response to “Niijyuusan-sai desu!”

  1. Justin Says:

    Hey man, just thought I’d check your site and walla, happy birthday.
    Like the english man, keep it up.

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