Yes… this rant is very late. Inexplicably so.

It is because I only became a rabid fanboy in the past 4 months.

Prior to that, I was content getting bits and pieces of whatever was available ( without searching too hard).

Now, after browsing around, ALMOST going to the “Dark” side, I am convinced that Tsunku has been blind OR is being led around on a leash by UFA. I am inclined to think the former when I see these two AKB48ers.

OR it could be something else altogether, I will elaborate soon.



Now, Kashiwagi Yuki ( Can make LongCat ashamed at being “long”; on the Top) is LEADER of Team B and Sato Sumire (at the bottom) just joined team B, from being a “research” member….

So… who shall we call out for being an arse….?


Because these two lovelies FAILED the audition for the 8th Generation of Morning Musume!!!

:O .

.. And even if they failed to get in…. Why didn’t they become Eggs as Kikkawa Yuu did? O.o …

Right, it is granted that Sumire may have a strange strange look in her eyes…. but what is their excuse for Yukirin?

( I am judging them PURELY on their looks, because we all know in both groups they have talents who lack talent in the vocal chords)

I am now convinced that both Akimoto and Tsunku are in cahoots. They probably own stock in each others holding companies, and probably even other things.

I am convinced the following happened :-

(Yukirin walks into the 8th audition room, looking all confident, and performs )

-from behind the mirrored glass- AKiP and TsunP are having Strawberry Daiquiris and Mint Mojitos…

AkiP : Dude, She’s hot…. I want her for my project…. (~_~)

TsunP : Dude, yeah, I know, I will put her in a section where I know she can grow. So nope, she is not gonna be in your project. (^-^)

AkiP: So… you putting her in Momosu?(~_ @)

TsunP: Nah, man… I am gonna put her in H!P Eggs, where she will be trained along others (who don’t make it through to the final stage) (

AkiP: Whoa there…. There is no way you can do that…. tell you what mate, fail her….

TsunP: Eh? (O.0)

AkiP: Yep, Fail her, and I will put her in my project.

TsunP: No way, man, she is mine!

AkiP: o rly? (^_~)

TsunP: YA RLY!

AkiP: You will get 60% profit from all the shows we do and singles release, aye? Naturally you will have to dumb down your flagship in order to access that money, and i have a plan to get that numbers…. Imma gonna increase my girls to number 48. (*-*)

TsunP: NO WAI!! ($-$) 48 girls are a lot!

AkiP: O Yeah!! ( ^_~) imagine the fun mate ….

TsunP: It is a deal then!( &-&)  hmm, let’s see; Add this random kid… err Mitsui was it? Kick Yoshizawa out of Momosu, induce Fujimoto to quit…. and I will add a couple of randoms from the China auditions…. and I expect big money from your project soon….

AkiP: Most certainly, man. Cheers to you, Mon Ami 😀


Thus proving that AkiP is a devious fellow. and Tsunku is an Arse.

DISCLAIMER: I do not pretend to have intimate knowledge with the workings of either Akimoto’s or Tsunku’s psycho-makeup. I am merely ranting. cheers!

EDIT: … I Am worried now… will my dreams of being in the H!P selection board be compromised?  “someone” has visited my blog and landed on a “unknown landing page” what does that mean? hmmmmmm

The Japanese Visitor


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