Genesis : The start of my H!P fandom…


H!PJJK chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy night, not a soul stirred as I walked into the house from the rain, bent over, sheltering a bag containing a precious item. An 80GB hard disk, written with rows upon rows of 0s and 1s that I have never seen before.

I ran up to my room, in anticipation, for i had just obtained some new anime song music videos, from a good mate. Little did I know, in that same folder, among the Hinoi Team and Rei Fu PVs, two PVs from Morning Musume had slipped in. This was the beginning of this beginning.

Firing up the PC took a little longer than usual, but that was probably me, being in a sensory-heightened state,which was probably due to anticipation of Hinoi Team XD .

Plugged the usb cable in, ran a virus check, I did all the things i was supposed to do. WHile the Virus scan was running, I looked around my room. My copy drawing of Tsukamoto Yakumo seemed to look exceptionally dismayed and downcrest that dark night. I gazed into those mournful strokes of the pencil, when the usual bleat of the virus scan reaching completion broke my stupor.

I double clicked the file manager, entered the folder.

Then I saw it.

To be continued….


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