A word to say thanks,

a gesture of goodbye,

a sign of welcome,

a gasp of surprise,

these things make me think,

i finally have found you,

and i am content,

glad, grateful and euphoric,

the scent of the winter eind,

the sound of the rustling branches,

the texture of the cold earth,

make for a lovely day,

out in nature,

with you by my side,

i would like nothing,

but to be with you,

to be together with you,

to be whole, with you,

nothing but you can make,

my life, oh so complete,

but i as i wake,

form this magnificent dream,

i find my self asking,

“who are you?”

as i haven’t come across a person like you,

so i just go on and


biding my time,

for you, who ever you may be 😀 .


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