The Imperial Garden


I had a pretty cool dream this morning.

I was a promoter/manager/bouncer for a group from Japan (:lol:)  touring China and we were next to perform at the Forbidden Palace.

There was a crowd of people outside the preparation area ( 4-5 storeys up) in the courtyard, screaming/chanting/murmuring the names of the performers of my group.

I walked out and saw them, smiled, and told them to calm down and that their performers will be with them soon.

The courtyard was 4 sided, the area was on one side, and the other 3 sides had 20’s and 30’s buildings that were stripped and in the process of restoration, and yet it was the back drop of the performance, with huge projector screens and huge speakers.

and as I walked back in… I woke up…


My subconscious wants all of these… money, power, fame etc etc etc. bah.


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