Embracing in the sweet wind


you gentle touch,

om my face,

sweeping across ,

soft caress ,

a penchant for you,

developed over time,

familiarity of you,

a comforting thought,

i find myself,

at odds with myself,

for my soul’s on fire,

and my heart desires,

your tenderness,

your lovelyness,

your sweetness,

your cuteness,

your sly cheekyness,

your devilishness,

your shy glances,

with all of that,

you peer into my soul,

and you discover me,

i give my whole to you,

for you make me complete,

I give you my all,

and everything that drives me,

is for you alone,

so embrace me,

as i shall embrace you,

along the lake,

upon the hill,

with the singing birds,

swaying trees,

the cry of the cicada,

in this summer breeze,

Embrace me,

in this sweet wind,

where we can fulfil,

our hopes,

our dreams,

and perhaps even,

our intertwined destinies!


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