Serendipitous moments


I find my self,

on the edge,

of my tether,

wondering what’s it like,

to be pure ether,

to overcome,

to be over done,

to be amazing,

without conniving,

i grasp reality,

with all of my abilty,

i reach up to touch,

what i want so much,

out of the sudden,

my heavy burden,

it is lifted,

the weight shifted,

iam now free,

unconditionally to be,

what i want to be,

without a maybe,

serendipitous moments,

have their allotment,

time comes,

when my spirits run,

i find my self,

all too complete,

when things fall in place,

disregarding time and place,

i found the glory,

without being  sorry,

and thus i am glad,

i have found the path,

of serendipity,

which is bound,

to bring us,

much joy and peace.


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