Windows Vista SP1- …. better than you’d think it be…


Yes, my first computer with std Windows Vista Home Premium … with future upgrade to windows 7 available.

on first usage… the visuals are lovely… the speed is fast and everything runs smoothly… it could be the laptops specs being 5.8 in every area except for the processor at 4.8 .. ( this number being the Windows Experience Index the higher the better)

blazing fast 4Gb’s of ram and a 7200RPM Hdd probably made the index unbalanced… also the rendering capabilities on this machine is amazing…

back to the os, … the Aero interface is nice to use and is smooth, again, due to the hardware available… the system is not as nannyish as you’d expect it to be and executing admin tasks are easy and painless ( because i always run as admin).

I usually turn off windows updates, but with this pc, I suppose i would leave it on, so in the future i can update the os when sp2 comes out.. ( ever the optimist am i? :D)

oh well, that is the gist of my experience so far…

Windows will apparently remain a mainstay in my computers due to the ease of usage and wide spread compatibility…

until i get my own Laptop, I will keeop my desktop limping in XP Pro SP3..


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