Usachan and Kirari are 20 and 17!!


Michishige Sayumi’s 20th birthday was on the 13th of July and Kusumi Koharu’s 17th was on the 15th of  July.





To celebrate these days, I shall post up a couple of wallpapers that i shall ATTEMPT to make.

but first, prose.


to the ones who bring joy,

the ones who bring laughter and happiness,

this is your day,

the day of your coming,

the day that this planet,

received your presence,

real it is,

the facts of your existence,

that may preclude,

a second coming,

verily human,

still ethereal,

discovering you,

was His amazing doing,

you fill the screen,,

with cuteness beyond surreal,

crazy at times,

cute all the time,

mad thoroughly,

witholding such delight,

playful innocence,

a hidden maturity,

snarky jabs,

can yet flow forth,

with all the perfection,

in thine imperfection,

verily i say,

we love you,

all the more for it.


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