Hope leaps out of Pandora’s Box


I have Hope in my heart,

the heart of hearts,

the depths of my being,

hope is hidden away,

and needs to be brought out,

for tomorrow is a bright day,

and today is always enjoyable,

revel in the glory,

revel in the humilitation,

after all that adversity,

one comes out leaner,

the sharpest knives,

are forged in the most turbulent,

 and most fiery of hearths,

the strongest poles,

from the trunks of ancient trees,

hence i shall emulate that,

chaos shall temper my being,

the turbulent tides,

strengthen my legs,

to swim with the current skillfully,

utilising it’s chaos,

to mine benefit,

this is what happens,

the reason why Hope,

leapt out of Pandora’s box,

to give us all hope,

hope for a better life,

hope for a better living,

hope for happiness,

hope for entertainment,

hope for the goodness,,

hope for the togetherness,

count our blessings,

lest we be mortal,

It is a tribute,

to both the living,

and to those who are not of this earth.


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