Minorin T-T


To those of you are going to DaiCon 2009 in MMU Melaka Cyberjaya… I only wish you the best and may you gain much joy from being in Nagat- i mean Minorin’s presence…

I find it somewhat ironic that I have missed some events that have promised to be better than the first etc due to various circumstances… Comic Fiesta 2006, Comic Fiesta 2007, Comic Fiesta 2008, and now, Daicon 2009… I probably would miss Comic Fiesta 2009… Is this a sign from the Fates?… to win some and then lose some?… hmm “Hara hara hachibu…” everything in moderation ( i may have got the  romaji wrong)… I can only console myself by saying that I will plan for Animelo 2010… but that remains a BIG “MAYHAP”…  HAHA… What can I say… I laugh at these things as there is nothing else i can do :3…

I have may dreams, wants and needs… here’s raising a pint to it’s fulfillment!


A lovely day indeed… You gotta raise a pint to happiness!!! TO HAPPINESS :sips at his frothy head of delicious stout:


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