C’est La Vie


This is the life,

the life of my dreams,

the life of my yearning,

the living of fulfillment,

content I am not,

for there is more I need to do,

more I want to do,

and more I have to do,

doing is the being of me,

doing becomes my being,

for doing is all i can do,

for I have yet to realise my own greatness,

c’est la vie,

the life that is I live,

it is wonderful,

yet painful,


yet melancholic,


yet dogged,


yet beset with woes,

that is the reality of living,

you have got to,

take the good, with the bad,

the pleasure, with pain,

the joy, with sorrow,

the elation, with depression,

and ultimately,

success, which is built with a bedrock of failure,

C’est La vie!!!


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