These are the times,

I dream of happiness,

I am happy now,

but there still is more,

more I need,

More I want,

am I selfish?.

perhaps I am,

but that is human nature,

and thus acceptable,

I strive to be better than I am now,

I strive for things and ideals,

that are higher than the rest,

I am intent on getting what i want,

though it may not be now,

but i promised myself,

that i would get it,

before i am too jaded,

before aI am too well “versed”,

before I become bored of this existence,

But Now,

all  i cam pray for,

is happy and fulfilling,


btw- listening to Beethoven’s 7th, that may have had an influence somewhere…


One Response to “Dreams”

  1. tomachfive Says:

    We can escape in dreams! 🙂

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