Opinions vary,
Hearts wander,
Lights flicker
Oscillating current,
Round orbs,
Dancing around,
Lifting spirtis,
Temptation arises,
Under influence,
Sorrow hits,
Weeping and,
Indignantly I defer,
Naught with passion,
Totally filled,
Heat and ,
Solvent yet,
Tender and,
Ready to,
Difficult tasks at,
A drop of a hat,
Your love to me,
Simply is precious,
Loving you,
Opens various vistas to me,
That is what i live for,
That is what i cherish,
Only you can make me like this,
Joyful and happy,
Avariciously i fend off,
Callously I tick off,
Kings and knaves alike,
Protecting your honour,
Only you make me this way,
That the whole truth.


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