Mano Erina …. H!P’s sweetest soloist….


I don’t understand all this hate for Mano Erina.

She is a Pianist, ( that is a plus one in my books)

She sings cute and sweet songs, ( another plus)

she has a cute and quirky personality, ( hhoho Meccha PLUS!)

she has a nice voice… ( PLUS!)

it helps that she is cute… ( Moot point here,  99 percent of H!P artistes are Meccha Cute)


Tell me again, is she too boring for you?


Is she too “SAFE”?


Is She too clean cut and “Honour” Student-like for your tastes?


Sorry to Rain on your parade, but the truth is….


All you haters are just jealous…… SHE IS AWESOMENESS!!!

When she teams up with Kitahara Sayaka, and Kikkawa Yuu…. EPIC Stories will be told!!!

(BTW, Tsunku, If you do team them up, I expect some compensation and a free reign to design Sayaka’s costume….)


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One Response to “Mano Erina …. H!P’s sweetest soloist….”

  1. Shipyon Says:

    I agree with you 🙂

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