what lies beneath


I have a thought,

of things to come,

of things that was,

and of this that is,

I am to be a lone knight,

to defend my castle,

of truth and delight,

Fighting for what,

I believe in,

to die,

for what i stand for,

I am but a man,

a man of substance,

defined by his actions,

and judged by his words,

i tread this path carefully,

going through the fires of hell,

and the pleasures of heaven,

with equal feelings,

we shall take things,

in its stride and path,

fire away at the anxieties of life,

I shall attain what I aim for,

I shall be what I am meant to be,

we have a purpose in life ,

disregarding what the mortal powers say,

man has a responsibility,

to themselves and to nature,

so let us take charge,

take note and control,

of our situations,

and find out,

what lies beneath.


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