Alo-Hello! – Berryz Kobo Part Two!


Yes, more caps for those who are interested.

The first six minutes were cute and well, reflective of the usual things they do. ( Risako♥,  Miyabi♥, Yurina♥, Chinami♥, Saki♥, Momoko♥, Maasa♥)

Hehe, caps of the gags will be posted up asap. (Monday evening :P)

Capping now!!

aand the next caps until….. 39 minutes…. in 33 minutes i have 340 caps… dosureba?….

here goes – the next 8 minutes…. pic spam a little more later… I will cap more and post it up section by section….

Why am I even doing this? I dunno… mebbe because i did say i’d be capping this ( a good excuse for me to watch over and over too)

oh, I just discovered the Gallery function :hits head: will be putting in captions when and if I am bored.


One Response to “Alo-Hello! – Berryz Kobo Part Two!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Hey, I didn’t know u keep a blog – add me =D

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