Alo!- Hello! – Berryz Kobo- Part One


Dum dum dum dum….

I think I may have found my next big “thing”. so after slowly delving in to that “dark” pit of J-visual culture-(anime, Jpop videos, photobooks, Jpop songs etc).  I have got Berryz Kobo’s gag DVD.

yes, you heard me right, the gag dvd. Apparently it is a collection of silly things done by the producers to put all the members of the group into weird situations.

so to put up caps or not? …hmmmmmm

Ok I shall post Part One… the first 6 minutes…. because i am lazy to cap the rest for now… 😛


-Fly JAL, every flight you take, brings a H!P Artiste close to your country ( sorry Sweden, Darn you Amerika!!!)

BK002 ukelele shop

YAY- They are happy to visit a uke-lele making shed establishment

BK003 ukelele shop

Ah, Wilkommen…

BK004 ukelele shop

Basically, mini-ukelele on a keychain…


Ominous beginnings behind an earnest Momoko…

BK003 srsbznzmomoko


BK006 stain on finger Risako

Risako, your index finger is cute, and stained… but i am focusing on your lovely pearly whites XD

BK007 Pisu Yurina

V! Yu-Ri-Na-Chan! you are too cute!! TOOO Cute!! you are in my top 3 Berry Flavourz!

BK008 Chinami not amused

Chinami-tan… why are you so serious? : let’s put a smile on that face… Nyaa`n

BK009 Suudois fixated

Attentive Maasa is attentive… and may soon have to have her eyes put back in…

BK010 Miyabi is amused

Oh Miyabi-Chan.. the smile … MABUSHI :KIRA~KIRA~:.. you kill me….

BK011 Captain is amused

Taichou… nyaaa…. Isee what you be hanging there :3

BK012 SakiMiyabisu

Taichou and MiyaMiya work it for the Kameraman….


Risako is Enthralled, Chinami is Enlightened, Miyabi is Engrossed, and Taichou is well… Encroached, pity Yurina is off-screen… otherwise her expression would be of pure Ecstasy

BK014 shocku

Surprised they are, with sheepish smile Risako, Mouths agape Chinami-Maasa-Yurina, perplexed Miyabi-Saki and Stoned Momoko…

BK015 playing guitar

Momoko really is taking it in her stride ( genki daro ne, Momo-chi?) and Risako is less than amused… Earnest Suudo is being earnest.. Yurina is being her usual cute self and the rest are well.. having a ball of a time :3

Bonus from somewhere in the middle of the DVD….

Our english is fail

Yes, we are aware of that, my dear.

I implore H!P to send Miyabi Natsuyaaki, Chinami Tokunaga, Sayumi Michishige, Airi Suzuki, Maimi Yajima and other H!P artistes deemed in need ( heck I’ll take Ayaya too) to the Land of Milk and Honey, Cow Central, in a little english garden cul-de-sac, by the hillside, in the house with a swan window dressing,  to a person who shall teach english to all of the aforementioned persons… for free. ( or in Exchange for some Japanese lessons of course, nothing else. Period. No, really….)

To be continued… if and when I am in a better mood… I shall now finish watching it.


I wonder if this is a good thing to do? Are they living a normal childhood? have they been overtly sexualised?… While I realised that none of these really can be answered with directness, watching this DVD really roused the activist in me, then got shot down by the rationaliser…

it so happens that this was something they chose to do, as a passion as a living/ profession. If they get fed up with it, they could always leave… like megumi did.  Tsunku is not a Douche-B, he probably is the most gracious person in the H!P creation team.

Sometimes people say that celebrities’ lives belong to the people as much as a soldier’s life belongs to his nation. but i disagree with that, the person on stage is supposed to be a persona on stage and a normal, living person who is normal/ without celebrity. But sadly, people become what they choose to be.

What I am getting at is…. I SHOULD SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE DAMN DVD!!!


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