My Love Story


I dreamt of love,
from an early time,
where they’d be castles,
and white swans,

I’d be a knight in shining armour,
coming full on,
with my blazing sword,

I’d be a renaissance bard,
singing songs of love,
dedicated to you,
‘neath the great oak,

I’d be a ’30s officer,
full of honour and pride,
in the Air force,
defending you,

I’d be a 1900s sheik,
in the desert,
riding on,
my white stallion,

I’d be a Eastern prince,
beckoning to you,
from my perch,
on an imperial elephant,

I’d be an Oriental warrior,
writing sonnets,
and haikus for you,
during a siege,

I’d be a mercenary teacher,
teaching the future,
its’ basic foundations,
in the jungles of South America.

I’d be a ’70s sportsman,
speeding round corners,
each win to you,

I’d be a Silicon Valley nerd,
flexing my smart muscles,
building up my empire,
whilst conquering the cyberworld,

I’d be a writer,
writing songs and melodies,
and books on love,
and of my love for you,

but, my dear,
I am but a humble person,
who wants your love,
will give you his undivided attention,
and ultimately be yours,
this is,
my love story.


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