I’mma Chargin` Mah Lazzer D=


I iz here D=

Rawr posting in a dark room with my LCD light shining at my face. Put a recorder behind me and I will look like a those ‘as potrayed’ hackers in movies or some sort lulz. Cool, I never knew that I can directly login using your wp-admin page. Lol.

I always log in to my account from my own page. =P

Anyway, how are you? As you could have give a guess, I’m not ok. Why is that so?

Normally after exams I would be really slacking my ass off (as if I’m not already), I’m in a place where I forego healthy lifestlye (oh don’t get me started on this), no exercise, games + TV Series marathon, research. GG la.

Yet again, some stuffs which I can’t tell out loud.

BTW, I entered 3rd base. Nyahahah >D

Regarding my summer hols, 2 months used for research. Siennnn. Then I got damn a lot of plans in mind, but apparently it seems that I can’t carry out anyone of them at the moment. Heaven knows. Friggin hot here ish. Sweating like mad. You can say I kinda regret joining my current research project, I think I’m better off slacking back in my hometown anyway XD Ok la at least I do get to learn something… I hope… and as told. Lol.

I know you’re having  a tough time in NZ as well with your current education, so yeah ganbatte neh~!

Geez, I think I should sleep. Gonna spoil my eye if I continue doing this.And yea I’m typing this without looking at the screen. I only look at the screen to check for typos. =P


Lil boy.


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