Road bike


I took a deep breath,

as she appeared around the bend,

spinning those cogs,

with verve and gusto,

she smiled as she blasted past,

on that 21-speeder,

i couldn’t help but turnback in midstep,

my evening walks were for this purpose alone,

for a brief encounter,

a tick of a second

just to be in her presence,

I barely whispered,

a faint reply,

to that dazzling flash,

of pearly whites,

I wonder most of the time,

what would she talk about,

what are her interests,

and is she even around my age,

silly things like that make it hard,

make it hard for me to make a connection,

i always seem to pre-empt,

precalculate and pre render,

a brief simulation,

in the worst case scenario,

of the most ridiculous things,

my mind could conceive,

so now all i want to do,

is gain more courage,

be a little more glib,

a little more thick skinned,

and most of all,

to not fear a rejection,

to go up to her,

who sits in that corner  of the library,

and rides that cute,

red and orange,

road bike.


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