She’s there


I look over my shoulder,

I see her sweet face,

smiling gently,

full of grace,

my love,

she speaks softly,

my ears are caressed,

by those dulcet tones,

she then looked into my eyes,

with her auburn irises glinting in the daylight,

as we meandered down the gully,

down to a quiet creek,

where the pure waters trickle,

and the crickets crinkle,

all throughout the cool autumn afternoon,

a puff of her misty breath glances past my face,

dissipating into the crisp fresh air,

this is blss,

to be the one you love,

genlty and quietly,

wiling the time away,

in our little corner,

of this little big city,

in the gully of my own,

we partook in expressing,

the many feelings we feel,

and it’s comforting when i look back,

and she’s there….


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