I rued this day


I had plodded down,
this lonesome road,
the autumn leaves,
carpet my path,
as the flow,
of the lazy creek slows,
winter is coming,
to my humble abode,
mother nature,
ne’er knew such splendour,
Father time,
couldn’t stand such beauty,
its beauty in destruction,
beauty in dissension,
beauty in the ugliness,
of the world we live in,
I ne’er wont,
ne’er needed,
more than i had have,
yet even those things,
ebbed away with the tide,
victims we are,
of our own devising,
evil it is,
this cruel thesis,
but the antithesis of all,
is the fact that,
a little glimmer,
that is of hope,
shone through the fog,
even with that lifting me up,
I rued this day.


One Response to “I rued this day”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    oh and the lit. review tutorial is now weekly

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