Literature review: a How to guide… Introduction


Literature reviews ( scientific and academic) are hardly simple and easy. In fact, it can be the most difficult part of one’s research before doing any sort of lab work. Sifting through other people’s work can be extremely taxing and oddly, tedious; tedious due to you losing your way as you pore through hundreds of PDFs and thousands of words to find a relevant sentence.
Yes, I have personally been carried away by the tide of copious amounts of data, mostly irrelevant, and lost the plot.

over the next few posts, I shall be discoursing the outlines of a literature review, as done by the best, to see wether you and myself as well, can get through this torrid stage (which can be enjoyable if you so choose to think it) unscathed and whole.

First off, choosing an appropriate title can be harsh. Choosing a title that is not similar to your topic/subject of choise can be quite devastating.

Ideally, one choses a title that is a basic part of the main topic. For example, if your topic is ” the biological interactions of a sisal plant in murky and brackish water”, you’d probably start with murk and brackish water (this being the Where component of the “Why, where, when, who, and how” series.) try to research if there are any studies done on the environment/ or purpose of the place, its use, and other things relating to that. Naturally, if there is a topic out there that is similar to yours, by all means, attempt to get that paper and pore over it, you may gain valuable insights on how to do your research too.

for now, Adieu!


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