Anime Rant: Natsu No Arashi…


I am disappointed. VERY disappointed. With the artwork, with the voicework and with the colours. Frankly, the storyline is fine, as long as they follow the manga. you can search for other reviews is you want a synopsis on the storyline.

I cannot stand the way they’ve animated, Arashi, Kaja and the Bar Owner. the only people who are animated properly are the idiotic men in the series… but that is not the least of it…

at least if the art style is similar, we couldn’t care about the voice work. It’s a pity they couldn’t bring everyone from School Rumble in….. yes even Koshimizu Ami….

Bah…. I pray for Lucky star, Maria Holic -second seasons and Minami-ke fourth season..


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One Response to “Anime Rant: Natsu No Arashi…”

  1. Lenny Theo Says:

    Ya, they should ask the school rumble studio to make this.
    The animation is a disaster….
    I want maria-holic as well haha

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